The Transition Management Team coordinates all aspects of a relocation.  Our Transition Project Managers have collectively moved over 10,000 people and over three and a half million gross square feet, giving them expertise in the following areas:  dry and wet research labs, classrooms and other educational space, faculty and staff offices, libraries, file rooms, and slide storage.

Transition Management has developed a move process that engages all of the major campus support systems including Environmental Health and Safety (green tagging, chemicals, radiation), IT Services (phones, data, phone directory), Facilities Management (keys, circuit management, building utility connections, housekeeping services) Mail Services, and Campus Police (ID badging), and more.  This ensures that your relocation occurs quickly and with as little disruption as possible.

The Transition Management Team will eliminate the guesswork from the relocation process, making your relocation a more positive experience and allow you to concentrate on your normal job responsibilities.  

To receive a Move Request Packet, email our office at  

In addition to relocation coordination, other services provided by the Transition Project Management Team are:

Space Planning

Assist with furniture planning for new and existing furniture

Coordination of Lab Relocation (out of state)

Dock access

Coordination with outside moving companies

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