Cleaning Levels

The University of Colorado Denver and Anschutz Medical Campus require our custodial company Kleen - Tech to adhere to industry cleaning standards established by the Association for Higher Education Facilities Officers (APPA) APPA | Leadership in Educational Facilities. The standards are categorized by a sliding scale from Level 1 to 5, level 1 being the highest standards while Level 5 is the lowest. Using the APPA standards, Facilities Support Services strives to provide Level 2 service to our customers.  Each level is defined by a range of tasks and their frequency. The cleaning levels are defined as:

  • Level 1 Orderly Spotlessness
  • Level 2 Ordinary Tidiness
  • Level 3 Casual Inattention
  • Level 4 Moderate Dinginess
  • Level 5 Unkempt Neglect

Cleaning Requests

Cleaning requests over and above the standard provided or at a greater frequency can be arranged and are at the cost of the requesting department. These additional requests can be made through the Customer Service at or 303.724.1777. 

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