Stormwater Permits

The University has a non-standard Municipal Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit for the Anschutz Medical Campus that requires University over-sight of campus construction and its water quality impact. Contractors are required to prepare Stormwater Management Plans (SWMPs) and obtain State of Colorado CDPHE permits and Anschutz Medical Campus Stormwater Construction Permits (SCP) for all projects that create a disturbance on campus. In addition, Contractors shall comply with the University MS4 permit requirements, including keeping written record of weekly contractor stormwater inspections and attaching record to the weekly Progress Meeting minutes. 


State Stormwater Permit Applicability

Because the University is a part of a larger common development, a CDPS General Permit COR400000 is required for most projects creating a disturbance. More information on CDPHE Construction Stormwater Discharge permits can be found here.

Stormwater Rules and Regulations

University Guidelines and Standards can be found here. Although the University oversees its own construction oversight program just like any other municipality, we have an agreement with the City of Aurora which states that we will design our stormwater infrastructure to Aurora's standards. Below is a list of University and City of Aurora requirements related to stormwater.

Job Site Access

The Stormwater Construction Permit implies that the permit holder grants right of entry to the building, structure, or premises to inspect or perform any duty imposed upon the stormwater administrator or their representative by the current rules and regulations associated with construction activities.

Stormwater Permitting Process

CU Anschutz Stormwater Permitting Process

  • Design Phase - SWMP and ESC Plans are submitted for approval.
  • Permitting Phase - Erosion Control Kick-Off Meeting, Initial Control Measure Install and Permit Issuance
  • Construction Phase - Permittee conducts weekly inspections, CU Anschutz conducts routine MS4 Compliance Inspections.
  • Closeout Phase - Final Inspection Scheduled, permittee and MS4 compliance inspections continue until the final inspections have been passed.

Weekly Contractor Stormwater Inspections

Projects requiring a stormwater construction permit must complete weekly contractor stormwater inspections using the following form: CU Anschutz Contractor Stormwater Inspection Form.

Instructions are included in the form and align with the requirements of the CDPHE Construction General Permit (COR400000). Clicking the submit button on the form will compose an email to the Regulatory Compliance Manager and attach the completed form to the email. The instructions are also included below:

  1. Complete Site Inspection using the CU Anschutz Contractor Stormwater Inspection Form.
  2. Document any control measures requiring routine maintenance or corrective actions.
  3. Sign the Inspection Certification and submit the form to the Regulatory Compliance Manager.
  4. Make any necessary corrective actions onsite and document the date of the corrections on the form.
  5. When all corrective actions have been taken, sign the Compliance Certification.
  6. Submit the completed form to the Regulatory Compliance Manager.

MS4 Compliance Inspections

CU Anschutz conducts routine compliance inspections on all sites with an active stormwater construction permit. These inspections are typically conducted monthly although that frequency may be increased for recalcitrant sites. MS4 Compliance Inspections are scheduled by the Regulatory Compliance Manager who will notify the Project Manager and General Contractor when inspections are conducted and scheduled. Initial inspections can be scheduled by contacting the Regulatory Compliance Manager directly.

Stop Work Orders

Whenever the Infrastructure, Safety and Compliance Department finds work regulated by currently adopted codes being performed in a manner either contrary to the provisions of said codes or dangerous or unsafe, a University official is authorized to issue a stop work order.  The order shall be in writing and shall be given to the property owner or owner’s agent, or to the person performing the work.  Upon issuance of a stop work order, the cited work shall immediately cease.  The order shall state the reason for the order and the conditions under which the cited work will be permitted to resume.  Any person who shall continue any work after having been served a stop work order, except such work as that person is directed to perform to remove a violation or unsafe condition, shall be subject to penalties as prescribed by law.

For more information or questions about stormwater requirements, contact the Regulatory Compliance Manager, Iain Baker.

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