Pre-Construction Information


For Anschutz Medical Campus, CU South and DDC east of Speer – All permitting and inspections go through the Campus Building Department.

At CU Denver west of Speer (Auraria Campus) – Main projects permit through Campus Building Department and Electrical and Plumbing through DORA.

All permits and inspection records must be kept on-site and in a conspicuous area for inspection signatures. ALL PERMITS MUST BE PROCURED PRIOR TO THE START OF ANY WORK.


The Building Department reserves the right to visit the construction site at any time throughout the project.  All inspections shall be requested at least 24 hours in advance and be requested through the building inspections web page, with few exceptions – 24-hour phone line @ (303) 724-0676.

Contractor must be on-site at the time of inspection.  The inspector does not know exactly what the contractor has done and will have questions.  The Building Department will make every effort possible to accommodate requested inspection times (AM or PM), but in some cases this will not be possible. The inspectors will always call ahead to coordinate inspections.

Hot Work

Hot work permits must be filled out daily for each area and on-site during the work.  One 10lb. ABC extinguisher must be at site of work at all times, no exceptions.  Contractor must provide their own extinguisher, not “borrow” one from the university.  FOLLOW THE POLICY.



Dialing 911 from a cell phone will direct you to Aurora Dispatch and Aurora PD/FD may or may not know you're exact location on campus.  Please use 911 from a campus phone whenever possible as this will direct you to Campus Dispatch who will be better able to guide emergency services to your location.  If a campus phone is not available and a cell must be used, please also dial (303) 724-4444. This, too, will direct you to Campus Dispatch and they can help emergency responders find you.

Certificate of Occupancy

CO’s will only be issued after ALL required inspections have been performed and passed and all outstanding code items are effectively complete and at the request of the project manager, not the contractor.  TCO’s will be granted on rare occasions and at the full discretion of the campus building official.  TCO’s can only be issued upon completion of ALL fire and life safety items are taken care of – the building and/or area must be safe to occupy.