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Special Events Setup

Service Fees

Rates above are meant to be a general guideline.  Facilities Management reserves the right to adjust prices at any time.
Krugman Chairs​$.55
​Table - 5' Round​$5.00
​Table - 6' Round​$5.00
​Table - 6' Rectangular​$5.00
​Table - 8' Rectangular​$5.00
Krugman Tables​$5.00
Round White Linen tablecloths$22.00
Rectangle White Linen tablecloths$22.00
Round Black Linen tablecloths$22.00
Rectangle Black Linen tablecloths$22.00
​Coat Rack​$10.00
Rolling White Board/Cork BoardFree
​Propane Grill & Extinguisher​$50.00
​Recycle Bin​$7.50
Compost Bin$7.50
​Trash Can​$7.50
​Round Plastic Table Cover​$6.00
​Rectangular Plastic Table Cover​$6.00
​Plastic Table Skirt​$10.00
​10' x 10' Tent​$50.00
​18' x 20' Tent​$100.00
​Late Notice Fee ​$100.00
​Set-up Staff Delivery Only​$10.00
​Set-up Staff - Weekday Rate (2 hour min.)​$27.50
​Set-up Staff - After Hours Rate (2 hour min.)​$40.00
Internal Weekend Event Housekeeping$100.00
External Event Housekeeping$100.00
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