Educational Objective

The University of Colorado Denver | CU Anschutz Medical Campus aims to ensure that all campus users have an understanding of the role they play in the prevention of stormwater pollution. To accomplish this, the university has implemented a stormwater education and outreach program that includes the following components:

Training Modules for Construction Teams and Staff

Construction activity is a likely cause of illicit discharges due to disturbances during active construction, materials used, and the waste produced. To prevent stormwater pollution during the construction process, University of Colorado Denver | CU Anschutz Medical Campus provides training modules for storm water pollution prevention and spill prevention which members of the construction teams complete. In addition, a Construction Site Erosion and Sediment Control Program ensures that construction contractors maintain erosion and sediment controls as necessary to prevent stormwater pollution.

Educational Information for Staff, Faculty and Students

Educational information on stormwater pollution prevention is available online for our staff, faculty, students, and the public. The Stormwater at CU Anschutz page provides campus users with information on our stormwater system, the stormwater pollution prevention plan and what they can do while on campus to aid in the prevention of storm water pollution. Stormwater articles are routinely published in newsletters targeted to specific staff, faculty and students.

Educational Information for the General Public

The Stormwater at Home page provides the public with information on how they can implement simple stormwater prevention techniques at home to protect our local waters.

Annual Non-Standard MS4 Conference

The University of Colorado Denver | CU Anschutz Medical Campus hosts an annual non-standard MS4 conference available to all Colorado permittees. A series of presentations and workshops enables participants to develop and implement program description plans and associated programs. Presentations and workshops are developed to help participants achieve program goals as outlined in Colorado State Permit COR070000. For more information, see the 2023 MS4 Conference page.