About Yard Waste

Did you know that there is enough phosphorus in the grass clippings in the average yard to produce 100 lbs. of unwanted algae if it were to end up in our waterways?

Did you know that decomposing leaves and landscape trash account for approximately 56% of the phosphorus found in urban stormwater systems?

Those are two great reason to work to keep leaf and lawn debris out of stormwater. In addition to clogging storm drains, leaf and lawn debris adds excess nutrients to our stormwater systems and has a serious impact on water quality. Keep the following things in mind when maintaining your yard to have a positive impact on your waterways.

What You Can Do

Dispose of Debris Properly

Compost or bag your leaves and grass clippings to prevent them from blowing or washing into storm drains, clogging them, and potentially causing flooding.

  • Do not blow grass clippings into the street.
  • Do not power wash debris into the street.
Pick it up

Dog waste is a source of bacteria in our waterways.

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