The University of Colorado Denver | CU Anschutz Medical Campus pollution prevention program consists of the following elements:

Good Housekeeping

Good housekeeping practices are used throughout the University of Colorado Denver | CU Anschutz Medical Campus. Contractors follow the good housekeeping practices during construction as outlined in Guidelines and Standards and Eco-friendly housekeeping practices are followed by our housekeeping team. See the Good Housekeeping page for more information on Eco-friendly cleaning practices.

Stormwater Education and Outreach

The University of Colorado Denver | CU Anschutz Medical Campus Stormwater Education and Outreach Program provides construction teams, staff, faculty, students, and the public with information on how they can prevent stormwater pollution. See the Education and Outreach page for more information on this program.

Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plan

The University of Colorado Denver | CU Anschutz Medical Campus has a Spill Prevention and Countermeasures Plan (SPCC) in place which includes:

  • Utilization of appropriate industry standards in the design, construction, and maintenance of all equipment
  • Protection from over-pressure and rupture with safety relief valves and vents.
  • Routine inspections on all fuel tanks, pumps, piping, and seals.
  • Standard operating procedures for all necessary staff including how to conduct routine inspections, appropriate storage of fluids, and what to do in the event of a spill.

For more information on our Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures, see the Spill Prevention page.

Targeted Pollutants (TMDL's)

The University of Colorado Denver | CU Anschutz Medical Campus discharges to Barr Lake and Milton Reservoir which have a pH and dissolved oxygen total maximum daily load (TMDL). This nutrient loading is controlled by targeting phosphorus with the TMDL seeking a 20% reduction in phosphorus loads on these waters.

To help achieve a reduction in phosphorus loads, the CU Anschutz Medical Campus does the following:

  • Leaf and Lawn Debris Removal - Leaf and lawn debris is removed promptly and not left in the curb, gutter, and stormwater inlets. Quarterly inspections are completed on inlets, retention ponds and other long term water quality management features throughout campus to ensure they are free of debris and functioning as intended.
  • Snow Removal - The University of Colorado Denver | CU Anschutz Medical Campus has dedicated snow pile locations established throughout the university on pervious surfaces. Snow can pick up contaminants from surfaces and transport them into the stormwater system as it melts and runs off. Piling snow on pervious surfaces enables the snow to melt and infiltrate the ground. This effectively filters out the contaminants instead of allowing them to enter the stormwater system.
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