Service Needed
DepartmentRequest Forms
Addressing StandardsMail ServicesWork Order Request
AED ProgramFire & Life Safety 
After Hours Air Handler Unit Request (Downtown)Building & MaintenanceAfter Hours AHU Request Form
Air Conditioning ProblemsBuilding & MaintenanceWork Order Request
Air Conditioning UnitCustomer Equipment (Pay for Service)Work Order Request
Air Handler UnitCustomer Equipment (Pay for Service)Work Order Request
Any computer room air conditioning (CRAC) unitCustomer Equipment (Pay for Service)Work Order Request
Auto Door MaintenanceBuilding & MaintenanceWork Order Request
Autoclave maintenance and repairCustomer Equipment (Pay for Service)Work Order Request
BSL Lab systemsCustomer Equipment (Pay for Service)Work Order Request
Building Automation SystemEngineering 
Bulk MailMail ServicesBulk Mail
Business Card OrderingPrinting ServicesOnline Ordering
CarpentryConstruction ServicesWork Order Request
Carpet / Floor Cleaning Custodial ServiceWork Order Request
Catering at Anschutz
Food Services 
Central Utility Plant Engineering 
CentrifugeCustomer Equipment (Pay for Service)Work Order Request
Cleaning of Offices, Conference Rooms, Common Spaces, etc.Custodial ServiceWork Order Request
Compressed GasesDelivery and Distribution 
CU Merchandise / Clothing with CU LogoAnschutz BookstoreCU Merchandise
Dead BatteryUniversity Police Dispatch(303) 724-4444
Delivery and DistributionDelivery and Distribution 
DishwasherCustomer Equipment (Pay for Service)Work Order Request
Domestic freezerCustomer Equipment (Pay for Service)Work Order Request
Domestic refrigeratorCustomer Equipment (Pay for Service)Work Order Request
Dry Ice OrderDelivery and DistributionDry Ice Order From
Electrical WorkBuilding & MaintenanceWork Order Request
Elevator MaintenanceBuilding & MaintenanceWork Order Request
Energy Concerns Engineering 
Energy Efficiency Engineering 
Energy Saving TipsEngineering 
Engineering ProgramEngineering 
Envelope and Letterhead OrderingPrinting ServicesOnline Ordering
Environmental AwarenessEngineering 
Environmental Impact Engineering 
EquipmentUniversity Policies and Guidelines (keyword search "equipment")University Policies and Guidelines
Equipment Monitoring Notification EnrollmentBuilding & MaintenanceEnrollment Form
Fan Coil UnitCustomer Equipment (Pay for Service)

Work Order Request

Flat TireUniversity Police Dispatch(303) 724-4444
Freezer, -80C Ultra coldCustomer Equipment (Pay for Service)Work Order Request
Freezer DefrostBuilding & MaintenanceFreezer Defrost Form
Furniture, Fixtures, Lab and office EquipmentCustomer Equipment (Pay for Service)Work Order Request
Glass Washer Maintenance and RepairCustomer Equipment (Pay for Service)Work Order Request
Graphic Design, Photography, Posters, Promotional MaterialsPrinting Services 
Grounds and LandscapingRoads and Grounds Maintenance 
Hanging ItemsConstruction ServicesWork Order Request
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)Building & MaintenanceWork Order Request
Hot and Cold CallsBuilding & MaintenanceWork Order Request
Housekeeping PracticesEngineering 
Ice MachineCustomer Equipment (Pay for Service)Work Order Request
Institutional PlanningPlanning & DesignWebsite
Key RequestsLock ShopKey Request Form
Keys Locked In CarUniversity Police Dispatch(303) 724-4444
Lab HoodsCustomer Equipment (Pay for Service)Work Order Request
Late Night EscortUniversity Police Dispatch(303) 724-4444
Lighting MaintenanceBuilding & MaintenanceWork Order Request
Lock Changes / ReplacementsConstruction ServicesWork Order Request
Lock Changes/ReplacementsCustomer Equipment (Pay for Service)Work Order Request
Lock RepairsBuilding & MaintenanceWork Order Request
Lost and Found (Not of Value) [i.e. glasses, keys, sweater]Dispatch(303) 724-1777
Lost and Found (Value)University Police(303) 724-2000
Mechanical RepairsBuilding & MaintenanceWork Order Request
Medical / Dental InstrumentsAnschutz Bookstore 
Metal Fabrication / WeldingConstruction ServicesWork Order Request
Microwave UnitCustomer Equipment (Pay for Service)Work Order Request
Move ServicesTransition Management 
New ConstructionEngineering 
New Plumbing for ProjectsConstruction ServicesWork Order Request
PaintingConstruction ServicesWork Order Request
Parking & MapsParking 
Pest Control Indoor and OutdoorPest Control ProgramWork Order Request
Plumbing ProblemsBuilding & MaintenanceWork Order Request
PreSort SavingsMail ServicesPreSort Mail
Records Retention and Off Site StorageProcurement Services 
RecyclingCustodial ServiceWork Order Request
Recycling Sustainability 
Renewable EnergyEngineering 
Road ClosuresFacility ProjectsRoadway Impacts (PDF)
Roads and Parking LotsRoads and Grounds Maintenance 
Roofing problems / LeaksBuilding & MaintenanceWork Order Request
ShelvingConstruction ServicesWork Order Request
Shredding of Confidential DocumentsRecycling and Waste Management 
SignsConstruction ServicesWork Order Request
Small Construction ProjectsConstruction ServicesWork Order Request
Snow RemovalRoads and Grounds MaintenanceWork Order Request
Software PurchasingAnschutz Bookstore 
Special EventsSpecial Events and Set Up ServicesEMS Reservation System
Special Events Parking InformationSpecial Events and Set Up ServicesEMS Web Application
Special Events ShuttleSpecial Events and Set Up ServicesSpecial Events Shuttle Request
Storm WaterEngineering 
Text Book Buy Back Program - When Active and Book ListAMC BookstoreBuy Back Program
Textbook Authorization Request FormAMC BookstoreTextbook Authorization Request
Typesetting / Binding / Copying / Mailing ServicesPrinting Services 
Utilities OutagesBuilding & MaintenanceOutages
Ventilation ProblemsBuilding & MaintenanceWork Order Request
Walk-In Cooler UnitCustomer Equipment (Pay for Service)Work Order Request
Window TreatmentConstruction ServicesWork Order Request
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CU Anschutz Facilities
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CU Denver Facilities
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After-Hours Emergencies
(303) 724-1777

The Customer Service Center can direct Facilities Management Services for both locations.

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