When a 3rd party is doing the filming AND the resulting product will be used for the benefit of someone OTHER than the university, or you are unsure about who the ultimate beneficiary of the end product of the project will be, we need to put a Location and Release Agreement in place with the 3rd Party Production Company (“Producer”).

You’ll complete the dates, times and location. Then you’ll send to the Producer for their review and signature.

If the Producer needs to make any changes to the Agreement terms, please ask them use Track Changes, and send the send the red-lined version to you. You will send the red-lined version to Legal (karyn.hardy@ucdenver.edu) for review.

Once the agreement is final, it will need to be signed by the Producer and returned to you. You’ll then have the Department/Unit representative who will be responsible for overseeing the filming sign next, and then send to the Office of Grants and Contracts for signature, prior to a permit being issued. Keep a copy of the signed agreement for your records, and send a copy to the Producer.

The agreement requires Certificate of Insurance (“COI”) from the Producer. Please upload the COI as an attachment in your EMS request.

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