Who We Are


The Phoenix Center at Anschutz is located in Ed 2 North, Floor 3, Room 3101. If you take the southernmost staircase/elevators to the third floor, we are located directly outside the elevator. We offer a quiet, confidential space for you to share your experiences, ask questions or gather information. We are also available to meet over the phone or via zoom, if preferred.


To book an appointment, please email craig.wimmer@cuanschutz.edu or call our office at 303-724-9120. 

Comprised of the Program Manager and several student and staff volunteers, The Phoenix Center offers support, academic advocacy, resources and referrals to Anschutz students, staff and faculty. We can provide support as well as guidance on how to best handle a situation where someone has disclosed an experience or concern regarding interpersonal violence.


Program Manager- Interim Supervisor, Craig Wimmer. Please contact Craig at Craig.Wimmer@cuanschutz.edu for specific information.

We Love Our Volunteers!

We have several student and staff volunteers who represent the Phoenix Center as liaisons for their colleges and programs. All of our volunteers have undergone extensive advocacy training to become Confidential Advocates as defined by Colorado Statute and to best serve our CU community. For more information on CO requirements, see  https://www.rainn.org/pdf-files-and-other-documents/Public-Policy/Legal-resources/Colorado.pdf


We recognize that as (mostly) graduate level students, staff and faculty, your time is precious. We can offer various types of volunteer opportunities, depending on your schedule, availability and interest. Trainings will be held bi-annually or semi-annually and can offer flexibility based on schedules.

Who We Are