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Interpersonal Violence Support and Advocacy Resources

The Phoenix Center at Anschutz (PCA)‚Äč is a resource for students, faculty, and staff who are affected by interpersonal violence (IPV) including relationship violence, sexual violence, and stalking. The Phoenix Center is proud to partner with The Blue Bench to provide free and confidential support and advocacy services. The Blue Bench is committed to offering support including navigating medical and legal logistics, counseling and case management options, and advocacy services. 


How The Blue Bench Can Help

Support Services and Resources offered by The Blue Bench include:

  • All services are offered in both English and Spanish
  • Resource Line: non-urgent, offers support and assistance in exploring and navigating available resources and services
  • 24/7 Crisis Line: immediate support for an individual impacted by interpersonal violence
  • 24-Hour Hospital Response: support and advocacy response to educate and be available for a SANE exam.
  • Case Management Team: comprehensive support and education offered regardless of choice to report or not. Also provide accompaniment support to law enforcement appointments
  • Therapy: Individual and Group options available to support individuals impacted, as well as friends and family supporters
  • Post-Conviction Victim Advocacy: act as a representative to advocate for survivors needs aft a case has progressed through the criminal legal process. 

The Blue Bench can support through:

  • We can process and discuss your situation, explain more about the complexities of interpersonal violence, and refer you to the right place.
  • Our staff provides emotional support, discuss options, and creates plans to keep you safe.
  • We can accompany you to court, help file a police report, or go with you to the hospital for a medical forensic exam.


  • We encourage individuals from CU Anschutz to identify themselves as a member of the campus community, so our campus specific resources can be provided. This information is strictly confidential and your information will not be shared back to the campus without your consent.

DisclaimerThe University of Colorado Denver|Anschutz Medical Campus does not own, sponsor, recommend, or endorse any of the health care providers available through The Blue Bench. The Blue Bench is a wholly separate third party entity. It is your responsibility to carefully screen and review any information that The Blue Bench asks you to review and to screen the profiles of and references of providers that you choose to provide personal information to before you engage with The Blue Bench and use their services.  CU Student Affairs provides these resources and programs for use as referral only. By providing this information, the University assumes no financial or other responsibility for any relationship established by and between any University student, faculty, staff, or post doc/resident and an individual, company or organization listed on The Blue Bench website.

Contact the PCA

The PCA continues to offer support in identifying and navigating resources for individuals seeking support. Please reach out if you have questions about where to find help.

For more information: 303-724-7674

If you would like more information, you can schedule an appointment by contacting

You can refer a colleague, student, or staff member here.

Please note that we will not contact someone if we do not know for sure that they are in a safe location. We do not want to put anyone's safety at risk.

PCA Dedication to Education

In addition to partnering with Blue Bench to provide direct support and advocacy, the PCA is also dedicated to the mission of providing education surrounding Interpersonal Violence to the Anschutz community. 

Please visit our education page for more information on interpersonal violence, including important definitions and educational videos. 

If you are a student interested in getting involved in IPV work please reach out to the IPV Prevention and Awareness Student organization by emailing

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