We strive to ensure that people with disabilities have equal, available and reliable access to the university’s services, digital content and technologies. Our promise encompasses our offerings made available through both technology and our people.


Physical Barrier

If you have encountered physical ADA barriers in a campus building or on campus grounds, please report the access issue to our Facilities Management department.

Technical Barrier

Accessible technology includes electronic documents, websites, videos, software applications, and hardware devices that can be used effectively by everyone, including people with disabilities.


ADA Accommodations for Employees

The university actively promotes the use of appropriate accommodations for faculty, staff, and campus visitors with disabilities. These accommodations are tailored to individual needs and provided on a case-by-case basis.

ADA Accommodations for Students

CU Anschutz encourages students with disabilities to talk with the Office of Disability, Access and Inclusion (ODAI) to identify any needs and accommodations. 


CU Anschutz fully supports Colorado law, which emphasizes digital accessibility for all individuals. Resources and information regarding digital accessibility — including websites, applications, and documents — are available to ensure that everyone can access and use university digital content and services.

Visit the university's digital accessibility webpage

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