The Office of Disability, Access, & Inclusion welcomes qualified students with disabilities (e.g. psychological, learning, chronic health, sensory, or physical) and is committed to providing equitable access to our programs.  Students who meet the technical and admission standards of our programs (with or without accommodations) partner with our office to establish access by identifying and removing barriers related to their disability.

Mission Statement

The Office of Disability, Access, & Inclusion recognizes, welcomes, and celebrates disability as an integral part of a diverse health professions campus and workforce.  To facilitate inclusion, we partner with students and programs to identify opportunities to create and promote meaningful access.


The Core Functions of The Office of Disability, Access, & Inclusion

  • Partner with students and programs to ensure an accessible and inclusive experience
  • Coordinate, implement, and support individual and programmatic access through accommodation and education
  • Serve as a resource to students/faculty/staff to facilitate and nurture an accessible and inclusive learning and training environment.

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