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Representing Students at CU Anschutz

Student Senate is the interdisciplinary student governance group at the CU Anschutz. Representatives are elected from every class in every school or program: Anesthesiologist Assistants, Child Health Associate/Physician Assistant, Dentistry, Basic Sciences Graduate School, School of Public Health, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Physical Therapy.

Student Senate is responsible for the creation and oversight of the Senate funding requests, which allocates money to affiliated and campus wide organizations on campus. Senate is also responsible for planning and overseeing campus-wide senate sponsored events and activities. Senators address complaints and ideas for improving student life on campus, act as official liaisons between students and administration, attend meetings regularly and become involved in various committees and their work.

Attend Meetings

Senate meetings are open to the public. If you’d like to present a proposal to senate, please fill out this form 3 days prior to the meeting you plan on attending. You are also welcome to join any meeting without filling out the form. That said, while we will try to offer you time to speak, without the form being filled out we cannot guarantee you a time slot during the meeting. Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at our meetings. We hold meetings every 2nd and 4th Monday every month. 

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Monday Meeting Dates:


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Contact Us

If you are interested in contacting student senate email We want all students to feel comfortable reaching out if you need to address a concern and or would like to attend a meeting.


Requesting Funds

A portion of the Student Senate budget is appropriated for providing financial assistance to student organizations during events. Events attended must have taken place within the United States (no international events will be reimbursed). Each application will be reviewed and decided upon on an individual basis by the Student Senate Finance Committee. Senate will attempt to award funds on an equal and fair basis. There is no guarantee on the award or amount provided.

The Student Senate is reorienting the allocation of activity fees to fund University experiences. Because of this, projects like the Professional Development Assistance awards that historically reimbursed students for conference registration fees are no longer available. Funds will now be primarily disbursed to support educational events occurring at our University. Funding requests for activities that are open to the whole student body will have priority over those that benefit specific programs or individuals.

Procedures for Obtaining Funding 

1. Follow guidelines for "recognition" as put forth in the Organization Recognition Policies and Procedures  

2. Organizations must submit paperwork including a detailed description of intentions for funds, who will manage them, how they will be managed, and who will manage them, by the priority deadline, if applicable, to receive priority. If the funds are to be used for events, please include proposed event dates and locations. 

  Click here for the form  

3. The form will be reviewed and voted upon by the Student Senate at their bi-weekly meetings. 

4. Student Senate will inform the student org of the decision (approval/denial) after their bi-weekly meetings. Student Senate will inform the Student Affair's Business Manager of the approved organization funding request.  

5. If granted money,

A. Campus wide student organizations will be responsible for submitting all Senate approved purchasing requests to the Student Affair’s Business Manager, Ariel Redell, with the Purchasing Request form.  

Purchases must not go over the Senate approved dollar amount (including S&H costs). 

All purchasing requests must be submitted to the Student Affair’s Business Manager at least 3 weeks prior to the event (depending on the type of request, some items may take additional time to process i.e., branded materials, etc). 

B. Affiliated student organizations will be responsible for submitting all purchasing requests to their responsible office. 

Purchases must not go over the Senate approved dollar amount (including S&H costs). 

The responsible office will reach out to the Student Affair’s Business Manager, Ariel Redell, to request the Student Senate SpeedType, which will be used to complete approved purchases.  

The Student Affairs Business Manager will also require an itemized invoice or receipt related to the approved purchases. 

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