WeCU Peer Coaching

WeCU Peer Coaching is available to all CU Anschutz Students and is completely free.

Guided Conversations

Peer Coaches are trained to provide a guided conversation in a one-on-one setting, to help students identify their strengths, motivations, passions, and target areas in their life they would like to build upon or change. Students can make appointments with a peer coach. For Fall Semester, all appointments will occur virtually. Coaches will not prescribe a plan, but instead partner in a discussion to explore new and creative approaches to accomplish successful change.

Why should you try?

Some find it helpful to bounce ideas off of another person. Others like a person and process that helps them be accountable. Maybe you don’t know where to start, or have started a change several times but just haven’t found something that works. Where ever you are at with change, coaching is a personalized and private service to support your journey towards positive change and well-being.

Example Areas

  • Identifying your strengths and how you can apply them
  • Find motivation and purpose in your goals
  • Identify resources and support to help you be successful
  • Explore ways to be healthier (however you envision it)
  • Create strategies to start or stop a behavior

What to Expect

First you will receive a survey to find out a little about you, your interests or areas of focus for coaching, and what characteristics you would like in a coach. Then you can use our scheduling link to find a date and time that works for your schedule (most appointments last about 45 minutes. Finally, just log on to the provided zoom link to meet your coach!

How to Schedule

To make an appointment, please follow the link to complete the introduction form. Once completed you will be sent a scheduling link to look at day and time options. Coaching appointments are scheduled for 1 hour.

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