The CU Anschutz Student Health Insurance Plan waiver/enrollment period is currently open through 06/11/2021.  Students who have their own private health insurance can waive the CU Anschutz student insurance by visiting the waiver portal and submitting their current insurance information.  Please note that it takes 1-2 business days after registering for courses for the waiver portal to recognize your student information. If you experience a delay longer than 1-2 business days, please reach out to the SHIP office for assistance.

For students who are newly enrolled for Summer 2021, coverage is effective 06/01/2021 - 07/31/2021. If you submitted a waiver for Spring 2021 and it was approved, you do not need to submit another waiver for Summer 2021.  The Spring 2021 waiver is valid for 01/01/2021 - 07/31/2021.  Only students who are newly enrolled (beginning their course of study at CU Anschutz) for Summer 2021 will need to submit a waiver if they do not wish to be automatically enrolled into the CU Anschutz SHIP.

Summer 2021 - Frequently Asked Questions