Student Insurance Accounts

Dates, Deadlines, and Costs


2022-2023 Annual Premium: $6,120 (paid as $2,565 for Fall 2022, $3,555 for Spring/Summer 2023, & $1,023 for Summer ONLY). This breaks down to about $511 per month when comparing to other plans.


Student Health Insurance Plan Eligibility

All CU Anschutz Medical Campus students enrolled in a degree-seeking program and financial aid eligible certificate programs taking 1 or more credit hours are automatically enrolled into the student health insurance plan unless a waiver is submitted and approved by the stated deadline each semester. 

Please note that there is an administrative hold with UHSCR until after the waiver portal closes on September 7, 2022 in order to provide students ample time to waive the coverage. To activate your coverage prior to the 09/07/2022 waiver portal closure date, you will visit the waiver portal link during the waiver period (07/29/2022 – 09/07/2022).  When you get to the waiver portal, you will simply select the “opt-in” option and follow the prompts to activate your coverage and have access to your insurance information on the 08/01/2022 effective date. 

If you do not take action to activate your coverage prior to 09/07/2022, your coverage will be activated once the portal closes and all waivers have been processed.  Your coverage will be retroactive to a 08/01/2022 start date, but your provider may not be able to verify coverage until after the portal closes on 09/07/2022.  


Eligible Certificates

Academic Plan Academic Sub-Plan Description Plan Type Career
CPBH-CERN  Certificate in Public Health Certificate NDGR
CPCS-CERN  Certificate in Public Health Certificate NDGR
CPUN-CERN  Certificate in Public Health Certificate NDGR
GLPH-CERN  Global Public Health CertificateNDGR
HSPC-CERN  Health Sys Ldrsh/Public Health CertificateNDGR
NPHN-CERN  Nondeg Public Health Nursing CertificateNDGR
PBRL-CERN  Public Relations CertificateNDGR
NPMC-CERN AGA Adult Gero Acute Care NP CertificateNDGR
NPMC-CERN AGC Adult Gerontology CNS CertificateNDGR
NPMC-CERN AGN Primary Care Adult Gero NP CertificateNDGR
NPMC-CERN ANP Adult Nurse Practitioner CertificateNDGR
NPMC-CERNCDC Pediatrics Special Needs CertificateNDGR
Adult Clinical Nurs SpecialistCertificate
NPMC-CERNFNP Family Nurse Practitioner CertificateNDGR
NPMC-CERNFPM Fam Psyc Ment Hlth Nursing CertificateNDGR
NPMC-CERNFPM Psych Mental Health NP CertificateNDGR
NPMC-CERNMNW Nurse Midwifery CertificateNDGR
NPMC-CERNNIF Health Informatics CertificateNDGR
NPMC-CERNNLS Nursing Leadership & Hlth Syst CertificateNDGR
NPMC-CERNPAC Pediatric Acute Care NP CertificateNDGR
NPMC-CERNPMH Family Psych Nrs Practitioner CertificateNDGR
NPMC-CERNPNP Pediatric Nurse Practitioner CertificateNDGR
NPMC-CERNWHC Women’s Hlth Care Nurse Pract CertificateNDGR

Enrolling in the Student Health Insurance Plan

Waiving Student Health Insurance

All students enrolled in one or more hours in a degree-seeking or financial aid eligible certificate program are required to have health insurance. Therefore, all students taking one or more credit hours are automatically enrolled in and billed for the Student Health Insurance Plan. If you have a comparable insurance, you may qualify to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan.

You must have comparable coverage from another carrier in order to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan. That coverage must meet several requirements in order to be considered comparable.  If your plan does not meet these requirements, your waiver request will be denied, and you will be enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Waiver requests must be submitted no later than 10:00p on the posted deadline date. Failure to meet the deadline will result in enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan and your account will be billed accordingly. If your waiver request is approved, the insurance charge will be removed from your account within 7 business days. 

Not sure if your plan qualifies to waive the CU Anschutz Student Health Insurance Plan?

Email the Office of Student Insurance at