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CU Anschutz Student Dental Insurance Plan - Anthem BCBS

University of Colorado Anschutz student dental insurance is included with the medical coverage offered by Anthem Student Advantage, billed as one fee each semester.  

The Student Dental Plan offers an affordable in-network options for student dental insurance and includes great benefits like:

  • A $0 deductible for in-network providers
  • Three cleanings per plan year
  • A mobile app to access your ID card and plan anytime
  • 80 percent coverage for most basic services (fillings, root canals, etc.)

Details and Documents:

There is a separate ID card for dental/vision claims. Your medical ID card/member number will not work for dental claims and can result in being billed by your provider. Please go to the Anthem website​ to create your online account and to access your digital ID card. ID cards will not be mailed automatically, but are available upon request.

Review the Summary of Benefits​​​ below for a quick reference of the benefits offered in this plan

Customer Care Number: 1-844-412-0752

Claims Address: ​​Dental Claims & INQ: PO Box 1115, Minneapolis, MN 55440

PhD Graduate School Stipend Dental Insurance

Students enrolled in a Regent-approved stipend PhD Graduate School program on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus are automatically enrolled in student coverage, which includes dental.

Current Programs Automatically Enrolled: 

  • ​BMSC-Biomedical Sciences (aka BSP)
  • CANB-Cancer Biology
  • CSDV-Cell Biology, Stem Cells and Development
  • CPBS-Computational Bioscience
  • HMGG-Human Medical Genetics and Genomics (aka HMGP)
  • IMMU-Immunology
  • IPHY-Integrated Physiology
  • MSTP-Medical Scientist Training Program
  • MICB-Microbiology (aka MICR)
  • MOLB-Molecular Biology
  • NRSC-Neuroscience
  • PHCL-Pharmacology
  • RHSC-Rehabilitation Science
  • STBB-Structural Biology and Biochemistry

All other programs are enrolled in student coverage but must pay the insurance fee as part of the tuition bill for the semester enrolled. If a waiver is submitted, the dental coverage is also waived for that timeframe.

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