School of Dental Medicine

Tuition and Fees

Below are tables outlining the investment for School of Dental Medicine tuition and mandatory student fees. The rates below are shown annually.

Academic Year 2024 - 2025


Dental DDS Resident$44,074 
Dental DDS Non-Resident Accountable Students$69,595*Please see the Accountable Student rate explanation below.
Dental DDS Non-Resident$92,042**Please see the Dental DDS Non-Resident rate explanation below.


Academic Year 2023 - 2024


Dental DDS Resident$42,584 
Dental DDS Non-Resident Accountable Students$67,887*Please see the Accountable Student rate explanation below.
Dental DDS Non-Resident$88,929**Please see the Dental DDS Non-Resident rate explanation below.


*Accountable Student Rate is the resident rate + the Accountable Support Fee. Accountable rates will be assessed on student accounts 3-5 business days after enrollment. For more information on the accountable student fee, please, visit the School of Dental Medicine's website.

**​Dental DDS Non-Resident Rate This will only be charged if the non-resident student voluntarily withdraws from dental school after completing the first year for any reason other than a medical disability. The student will be obligated to pay the School of Dental Medicine the difference between the non-resident tuition that would have been assessed and the tuition and accountable student support fee.
FeePer TermPer YearDescription
Academic Support Services Fee$64.00 This campus-wide fee contributes funds for instructional and academic services, including maintaining, developing, upgrading, and enhancing library resources for students, both on-site and remote (67%); the student information and records system and its interactive web delivery (for example- registration) (26%); and online instruction and learning management systems such as Blackboard (7%). This Administrative Cost Fee was supported by student vote through a referendum in Spring 2005.

Activity Fee


 $20.00This fee is used to support the activities of the Student Senate and the student's home school student governance organization.
Dental Plan *No longer offered separatelyThis fee is a dental services plan covering students enrolled in Health Insurance at Anschutz Medical Campus.
Health Insurance Plan $6,580

All degree-seeking students enrolled in 1 or more credit hours at Anschutz Medical Campus are required to have health insurance.  This charge now includes Dental Insurance. Students with private health insurance may request this fee be waived if their plan is considered comparable. This fee pays for a comprehensive insurance plan covering student injury and illness, known as Plan A (High Option).

For more information, contact the Office of Student Health.

Phone: 303-837-2127

Hybrid Courses (e.g. online with lab)$50.00 A $50 course fee is assessed for each hybrid course taken. This fee is to support CU Online and the Learning Management System, including ongoing operations and administrative overhead directly for CU Online.
Online Courses$100.00 A $100 course fee is assessed for each online course taken. This fee is to support CU Online and the Learning Management System, including ongoing operations and administrative overhead directly for CU Online.
Matriculation Charge (one-time charge for incoming students) $140.00Revenues from this charge are used to provide registration and records services to students and alumni and covers the cost of student ID badges. This is a one-time charge for incoming students.
RTD College Pass Program$8.00 Anschutz RTD College Pass Program - This student activity fee, approved by a student election in fall 2008, is required of all degree-seeking students at the Anschutz Medical Campus. It supports the RTD College Pass Program and covers contractual payments due to RTD and the cost of providing term decals and student badges. Revisions require student vote.


FeePer TermPer YearComments
Accountable Student Support Fee $25,303.00Students in professional health care programs at the Anschutz Medical Campus who are nonresidents at the time of their enrollment participate in the Accountable Student Program and sign a contract to pay this support fee.  The program applies to nonresident and resident students who started the program as nonresidents. This fee is split between Fall and Spring.
Instrument Lease & Materials Management Fee$2,105.00 This fee funds the provision, management, and sterilization requirements of all clinical instruments, materials, and supplies used by dentistry students in all years of their training.


FeePer TermPer YearDescription
Deferred Payment Plan Charge$35.00 Students who sign up for the Deferred Payment Plan, allow their semester tuition and fee balance to be paid in three monthly installments. The fee applies each semester when signing up for the payment plan.
Health Insurance Late Waiver Charge$25.00 Effective Fall 2015, a late waiver fee of $25 assessed to students who submit an insurance waiver to be reviewed after the posted deadline but before final eligibility is loaded around the census date.
International Student Fee$225.00 Provides funding for implementation and maintenance of the Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), immigration advising, advocacy, academic advising, cross-cultural adjustment support, and other services provided to international students by the Office of International Affairs. Permanent Residents are excused from the fee.
Internationally Sponsored Student Charge



*$100.00 before Spring 2023

 An administrative charge to international sponsors of students enrolled at Anschutz Medical Campus. This charge funds an International Sponsored Student Coordinator to meet the needs of sponsor organizations, as well as, provide support to sponsored students.
Late Registration Penalty$60.00 A late registration penalty will be charged to students authorized to register after their regular registration period (this includes Candidates for Degree and Doctoral Thesis registrations). The registration penalty is separate and distinct from any penalty that may be assessed for late payment of tuition and fees.
Returned Check Charge (per item returned)$20.00 Students who submit invalid bank items (checks, e-checks, etc.) to CU Denver are subject to a returned check charge. This includes but is not limited to items returned for insufficient funds, stopped payments, and invalid account numbers.



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