Your Rights & Responsibilities

What you need to know.

Student Rights

As a student consumer, you have the right to know:

  • What types of financial aid are available from all federal, state and institutional financial assistance programs
  • The deadlines, selection criteria, eligibility requirements, terms, policies, application procedures and regulations for each academic program
  • The types of financial aid available for study abroad programs
  • How your financial need is determined
  • How the estimated cost of attendance is determined for your program of study, including tuition and fees, books and supplies, room and board, any additional costs for your program of study
  • How to maintain eligibility for financial aid, including satisfactory academic progress (SAP) standards required to receive financial aid and the criteria for re-establishing aid eligibility if you fail to meet SAP
  • How and when financial aid is disbursed and refunded to students
  • How the university provides for Pell-eligible students to obtain or purchase required books and supplies by the seventh day of a payment period and how the students may opt out
  • The terms of any student loan(s) you receive as part of your financial aid package, including the interest rate, total amount that must be repaid, the procedures for paying, the length of time you have to repay, when repayment begins, cancellation provisions, deferment and forbearance possibilities, any special consolidation or refinancing options
  • The terms and conditions applicable to student employment (work-study) provided as part of a financial aid package
  • CU Anschutz’s Return to Title IV Funds Policy; the portion, if any, of tuition and fees that are refunded to you if you withdraw by the designated date, and the portion, if any, of the financial aid you must pay back immediately if you withdraw before the end of the term

You can accept, reject or reduce any or all types of aid:

  • If you reduce or reject aid, we may not be able to reverse this action as some funds are limited and distributed on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Accepting more financial aid than necessary is not advised. We will not offer more aid than need to attend (see how aid is determined); however, you may not need all that is offered. It is in your best interest to only accept what you need
  • Please contact the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office  if you decide to reduce a loan that has already been disbursed. We will return funds to your loan servicer within 45 days of disbursement. If you reduce a loan more than 45 days after disbursement, you will need to return the funds directly to your loan servicer

Student Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to:

  • Understand and comply with the terms and conditions of aid that you receive
  • Use financial aid funds only for education expenses (tuition, fees, room, board, books, supplies and other living costs)
  • Respond promptly to all requests for supplemental information or documentation from the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office
  • Know and meet the deadlines to apply and re-apply for financial aid
  • Complete all financial assistance applications and forms with thorough and accurate information
  • Read, understand and keep copies of all forms that you are asked to submit or sign
  • Notify the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office if there is any change to information you reported on the FAFSA
  • Notify the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office if there are any changes to your enrollment status or level
  • Notify the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office if you receive any scholarships, grants or other financial assistance from sources outside the university
  • Know and comply with university Return to Title IV Funds Policy
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress​​ to continue to be eligible for financial aid
  • Complete entrance interview and exit counseling if you receive a loan
  • Notify your lender or servicer of any changes in your name, address or school status while you are attending school and after you leave school
  • Repay any student loans you receive regardless if you successfully completed your program
  • Perform in a satisfactory manner work agreed upon for Federal Work-Study jobs
  • Understand that by signing the FAFSA, you agree that the information provided is accurate and complete and that if you purposely give false or misleading information, you may be fined up to $20,000, sent to prison or both
  • Individuals willfully misrepresenting information provided in applying for Colorado student aid funds are subject to penalty of Colorado law

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