Course Eligibility and Restrictions

Courses must have a "University of Colorado Denver Main Campus" designation to be eligible for the Tuition Assistance Benefit on University of Colorado Denver campus. You can find the campus designation in course details or Class Search. The following restrictions apply:

  • Courses offered through Continuing Education, audited courses, extended studies, Outreach Programs, Study Abroad and/or noncredit courses do not qualify for the Tuition Assistance Benefit.
  • Employees utilizing the tuition waiver cannot participate in concurrent registration.
  • An employee’s coursework must be taken outside scheduled working hours or with an adjusted work schedule of equivalent hours acceptable to the employing department.
  • An employee cannot use the 9 credit hour waiver during an academic year (one or more semesters) in which their dependent is using the discount and vice versa.
  • Employees who are classified for tuition purposes as nonresident undergraduates cannot enroll in more credit hours than the benefit they are using in any given semester.
  • Employees who are enrolled full time can use the benefit during the fall or spring semesters.