Confidential Document Shredding

Facilities Management contracts Shred-it for on-site confidential document shredding at both campuses. The containers are emptied and the contents shredded immediately on-site on a monthly basis. The shredded material is then taken to a facility to be recycled.

The shred bins are for confidential documents only. For other items consult recycling information below.

If you have a large amount of confidential documents to be shredded or need assistance with a shred bin, please contact:

Customer Service Center (Anschutz Medical Campus) at 303-724-1777 or by email.

Customer Service Center (Downtown Campus) at 303-315-7777 or by email.

New Recycling Opportunities on the Anschutz Medical Campus:

The Chancellor’s Task Force on Sustainability is pleased to announce some new opportunities for recycling that compliment university commitments to waste diversion.  You may have seen the new outdoor recycling bins around the educational and research quads of campus.  In all, 30 new permanent recycling receptacles have been placed around the Anschutz Medical Campus.  This was made possible with a $38,000 grant from Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment to assist the university in producing more recycled materials and keeping more materials out of the landfill.  The added benefit to this is a monetary one – recycling is free to the university while land-filling waste comes with a cost premium.

Please take advantage of these new opportunities and as ever, please let us know ideas you have on recycling.

Recycling Program

Common area recycle receptacles are serviced daily. Every Thursday, all recycled material is picked up by Waste Management from the white bins in both dock areas at RC1.

What is and is not recyclable?
Not Recyclable:

Paper: Office, fax, colored, coated, Post-It notes, Staples, Paper clips & Clamps

Bathroom, Food or Kitchen Waste

Manila or Colored Folders, Junk mail

Carbon paper, photographs, transparencies


Chipboard- including wax chipboard and wax cardboard

Newspapers and Magazines

Label backing or sheets

Aluminum Cans & Plastics #1-7

Liquids, Window Glass, wet or soiled paper, Carpet

Cardboard (Flattened), Brown Paper bags, Paperboard

Oil or Styrofoam, Plastic bags, Plastic tubs

Glass Bottles & Jars, Steel Cans & Empty Aerosol Cans

Rubber bands, string or rope


Waste Management has the following educational resources available: