OIT Support at The Junction

The Junction is a space in the Fitzsimons Building available to hybrid (onsite and remote) Central Services Employees for on-campus work. The site features private offices and open workspaces in a combination of Workstations (for accessing users' Windows environments online) and Landing Zones (for use with a laptop). Conference rooms are available, fully equipped with Zoom Rooms that facilitate hybrid conference calls. Technical support is provided by OIT and AV services. Contact the OIT Service Desk, and a team member will be happy to help. 303-724-4357 (4-HELP from a campus phone)

Scheduling to Use a Junction Workstation:

Junction workstations and landing zones are booked using EMS. Workstations can be reserved directly from their corresponding scheduler panels. To schedule using a corresponding panel, simply tap the panel and enter your username to reserve a time. Reservations may be canceled from the panel while they are underway. Otherwise, changes must be made using the EMS Web App.

Workstation Tips and Tricks

  • Adobe Acrobat—Acrobat is installed on your workstation profile. To use Acrobat Pro, log in to your Adobe account. If you have not been provisioned an Adobe account, please visit our webpage to request one.
  • Audio – USB headsets are the preferred option. The Junction workstations require USB or wired headsets; Bluetooth settings are not configurable on these devices.
  • Bookmarks—Using Firefox or Chrome's “sign in to sync” feature will transfer your bookmarks to your preferred browser.
  • Data – DO NOT save to the desktop! Use OneDrive or H: drive. Ensure you are logged into OneDrive and syncing, Shared Drives (H: drives) should show up automatically in File Explorer. If they do not, contact the OIT Service Desk for assistance with mapping your drives.
  • Email – Once signed in, the Outlook desktop application will load only the last 6-7 days of email. Using the search function will scan email older than a week.
  • Video Conferencing – Background replacement is not available in Microsoft Teams-- Zoom is preferred.
  • Zoom – To sign into Zoom, select SSO and use ucdenver.zoom.us; see the image below:

Login screen for SSO

    Employee Resources

    OnBase Web Client and Unity/Office Client ClickOnce URLs is available. Learn more

    Additional Junction office information.

    Workstation Etiquette

    • When using open landing zones/ workstations, use a headset / headphones to avoid disturbing others
    • Log off to leave workstations available to the next user
    • When leaving for a short time (10 minutes or less), lock your session
    • Clean up after yourself – scan your area for trash and personal items before leaving

    Monitor Settings

    If your display is not arranged correctly, right-click on the desktop and select “Display settings”, then select “extend the desktop to this display” under the “Multiple displays” heading:

    From the “Display settings” window, select “Identify” under the “Rearrange your displays” heading and drag the tiles into the preferred arrangement. Closing your laptop lid will result in two available monitors instead of three. 

    Printing in The Junction:

    To add printers to your available queue, type \\enzo\junct-prn1  (for the Junction Floor 1 printer) or \\enzo\junct-prn2 (for the Junction Floor 2 printer) into the Windows search field. This will automatically set up the respective printer on your workstation or laptop.
    Image of the printer name

    Color printing is available from the first floor printer; floor 2 is black and white only.

    Zoom Rooms

    The conference rooms in the Junction feature full “Zoom Room” functionality. Simply plug a laptop into the provided cables and you will be able to utilize the Zoom Room feature. If you experience issues connecting, Contact the OIT Service Desk.

    Quick Start Guide

    View the Junction Quick Start Guide for a shortened version of this information to start using the space quickly.

    Need Assistance?

    Contact the OIT Service Desk and a team member will be happy to help. 303-724-4357 (4-HELP from a campus phone)


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