Billing Coordinators

Your Role as a Billing Coordinator

A billing coordinator is university staff or faculty that occupies a role of fiscal responsibility for one or more SpeedTypes at the university. When OIT runs the monthly bill all coordinators for each charged SpeedType will be emailed a billing statement. Coordinators also have access to current/past billing statements on the billing system customer center portal.

As a billing coordinator here are some suggestions for managing the expenses for your SpeedTypes:

  • Review your monthly billing statements to reconcile against expenses that are hitting the GL for your SpeedTypes, and to identify services that need to be disconnected or changed.
  • Submit a request to the OIT Service Desk to disconnect services when they are no longer in use. See the Disconnecting Billable OIT Services webpage for instructions to disconnect each type of billable service. No billable services offered by OIT are disconnected automatically.
  • Notify our billing team (via the billing system customer center portal or via email) when a SpeedType or name should be changed for a service or services. SpeedTypes and names are not changed automatically.
  • When an employee joins your department from another department, review any services assigned to that employee (e.g. phone, central file server, etc.) and disconnect them or submit a request to change the SpeedType for them. Otherwise the employee’s previous department will either disconnect the services, which could lead to a loss of critical data, or they will continue to be billed for services that are no longer in their department.

How Billing Coordinators are Assigned and Unassigned 

To become a billing coordinator for a SpeedType you must occupy one of the following roles on a SpeedType in PeopleSoft Finance:

  1. Program/Project Principal
  2. Program/Project Manager
  3. Fiscal Staff

Each SpeedType can have up to 10 Fiscal Staff assigned. To submit a request to be assigned to one of these roles for a SpeedType you will need to contact the Finance Office.

To be removed as coordinator for a SpeedType you will also need to contact the Finance Office to be removed from these roles in PeopleSoft Finance.

The OIT Monthly Bill and How it Works

The OIT monthly bill is 1-2 day process performed by the ISS Billing Team. The process begins the 16th of the month or the next business day after the 16th. This means that the billing cycle is from the 16th of the previous month to the 15th of the current month. However, not every service is billed according to the same term. Some services are billed in arears, for the previous month’s usage, and some services are billed for the current month. To learn more about each type of service and how they are billed see the OIT Services and Costs section on the OIT Billing and Rates webpage.

Once the bill is run, it is uploaded to PeopleSoft Finance as a series of journal entries. The following attributes can be used to determine if an expense is from the OIT bill:

  • Source Code = HIS
  • Journal Date will be the first of the month
  • Journal ID will always begin with HATC

Once the journal entries have been processed and validated the statements will be sent out. Coordinators are emailed PDF and CSV statements. This email generation process can take up to twelve hours. Each coordinator only receives one email and one of each attachment. Each statement includes all of the SpeedTypes for a given coordinator.

Billing System Customer Center Portal

Any university employee can access the Billing System Customer Center portal. However, if you are not a billing coordinator then you will not be able to see any services or statements. Access the portal.

The portal has 4 functionalities that will be useful to any billing coordinator:

  1. Accessing current and past billing statements, and the ability to export them to PDF or CSV.
  2. Viewing active services, and the ability to submit SpeedType or name change requests for those services.
  3. A Mass Change Request form that allows a coordinator to submit a request for multiple SpeedType and/or name changes.
  4. Custom reports, including the BILL_DETAILS_BY_COORDINATOR report, which provides a flat file of all charges billed to all SpeedTypes that a coordinator manages from the most recent monthly bill.

More detail about each of these functionalities is provided in the sections below.

Additionally, there are three PDF resources available to help with using the Billing System Customer Center Portal:

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