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Panopto is used for classroom lecture recording. The system allows faculty and staff to record classes and lectures. Several tools and software work with Panopto including Canvas, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.
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OIT offers several paid services to get the most out of Panopto. These services are optional and are not required to record a class or lecture. 

 Service  Cost  Details
Conversion from CD to Panopto Service $90 flat rate  
Conversion of Panopto Recording to CD $16 flat rate *No charge for Core Education Courses
Panopto Record Archive to server (per month)  $15 per month *No charge for Core Education Courses
Move of recorded file from one course to another  $10 flat rate  
Panopto Course Assistant Program (PCA)   See below for guidelines and payment for PCAs

Panopto Course Assistant Program

OIT partners with schools at the Anschutz Medical Campus to deliver lecture capture services though the Panopto Course Assistant (PCA) program. The PCA is a paid student position responsible for recording and filing lectures in Panopto and Canvas (or Elentra for School of Medicine).

To hire a PCA, please refer to these guidelines: 

  • Recruitment: Each school/college/department is responsible for recruiting their own PCA or PCAs.
  • Onboarding: Once you identify your PCA, please send the following information to OIT HR:
    Full Name
    CU Anschutz Email Address
    Year (1st, 2nd, etc)
  • Training: OIT is responsible for training and supporting PCAs to perform their job duties.  Please see table below for Fall 2022 training sessions. If your PCA is unable to attend a scheduled training, please email to schedule a training.
  • Supervision/Management: Each school is responsible for managing their PCAs and making their own personnel decisions.  Any changes to PCA personnel should be communicated to OIT HR.
  • Payment: PCAs are paid $600 per semester. The payments are dispersed bi-weekly until funds are exhausted. OIT will fund up to four PCA positions per program per academic term. Additional PCAs must be paid for by the school which they serve.

Training Resources

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