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Pager Services

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CU Anschutz Medical Campus has transitioned to Epic for all clinical paging activities. The Pager Desk is available to help with service cancellations.
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Important Update on Pager Services

All canceled pagers MUST be returned to avoid lost device fees!

School of Medicine and UCHealth are transitioning from handheld pagers to Epic paging solutions. Therefore, we are in the process of discontinuing pager services. For further information and to begin using Epic, please contact For hospital resources, visit

To ensure you are supported in this transition, the OIT Pager desk:

  • Will be operating part-time, with hours of operation subject to change. Please plan your clinical shifts accordingly, as we may be unavailable to make changes (such as message forwarding).
  • Will no longer be activating new pagers or issuing exchanges.
  • If you need an emergency loaner, follow the instructions below.
  • Will continue processing pager cancellations using these steps.

Please see the list below for further information.

  • For all pager-related questions, please email or call the Pager Desk at 303.724.0400. 
  • All canceled, lost, or found returned pagers must be turned in to the OIT Pager Office (at the location above) and placed in the RETURNED PAGER box or be sent via inter-campus mail to Mail Stop F408.

Please return ALL pagers following the instructions below to avoid unnecessary lost device charges and continued service fees!

To ensure uninterrupted service, the Pager Desk will NOT cancel devices until directed by the user group. Pagers continue incurring service charges until they are canceled!

Pager Returns

Please return pagers to the OIT Pager Desk in Education 2 North (P28) Room 5102-1 from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.

After-hours, devices can be placed in the RETURNED PAGER box or be sent via inter-campus mail to Mail Stop F408.

Bulk Returns
If you are returning more than four devices at once or returning devices after hours, please email the following information for each device returned using the Excel Bulk Pager Cancellation Template to

  • User name
  • Pager number
  • Capcode
  • Serial number
  • SpeedType/Cost Center #
  • Department contact name

In cases where physical devices have been lost, please submit the information above, identifying that the devices are lost/missing.

For SPOK Mobile, and Virtual pagers, please send the username and pager numbers you wish to cancel.

Please contact the Pager Desk with questions by email: or call: 303.724.0400.


Pager Pricing: Charges Incurred Until Canceled

 Equipment Cost
Alphanumeric Pager$7.48 per month 
Message Carbon Copy$2.95 per month
Numeric Pager$4.80 per month
*Spok Mobile Pager $7.48 per month 
Two-Way Pager$16.36 per month

*Spok Mobile provides a two-way, HIPAA-compliant messaging application that enables smart device users to receive and send pages (text), images, and videos. No device is included, requires smartphone.
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