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BioRender is a web-based program that helps you create scientific figures up to 50x faster than traditional tools. The tool combines a library of more than 50,000 scientifically accurate, expert-validated life science icons and templates with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.
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Welcome to BioRender

Create professional-quality figures in minutes with BioRender - no drawing skills required! BioRender is now available from Anschutz OIT for half the commercial cost through a new campuswide license.

With BioRender

  • Create figures for all your visual needs like your publications, posters, and presentations
  • Pair figures with data collected from your experiments
  • Communicate your research at the next level

License Information

The cost for faculty, staff, and students is $200 for each user annually (the charge is not prorated and the licensing begins on July 1 of each year). The software license is linked to your university credentials and cannot be shared.

This software runs from any web browser; however, your best experience will be with the Chrome browser. No software needs to be installed on any computer.

Training Resources

Getting Started

Simple tutorials to get you started can be found at the BioRender Learning Hub. OIT also recommends reviewing these materials:

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