Campus Procedures

Campus procedures for submitting a donation/sponsorship request are listed below.

  1. Complete the required fields in the Donation and Sponsorship Request form in Formstack.
  2. Obtain approval from the Dean of your school/college or an appropriate Officer in central service areas. Evidence of this approval must be attached to the Donation and Sponsorship Request form.
  3. Submit the completed Donation and Sponsorship Request via Formstack. You will receive an email confirming your submission.
  4. Compliance will review the request and follow up to clarify any items.
  5. Once all details of the sponsorship/donation are gathered, Compliance will submit the information to the campus leadership for review.
  6. Once Compliance receives approval from campus leadership, the requester will be notified by email that they are allowed to proceed.

Please note: Compliance cannot process an incomplete request and will return any submissions that do not include the necessary support.

Finance Office

CU Anschutz

Fitzsimons Building

13001 East 17th Place

Suite NG-018

Aurora, CO 80045


CU Denver

Lawrence Street Center

1380 Lawrence Street

Suite 900

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