Events with Alcohol

The University of Colorado recognizes that serving alcohol at events may be allowed with proper approvals. Well-planned and managed events can decrease the risk of alcohol-related incidents.

Departments hosting events with alcohol have overall responsibility and accountability for properly managing their events in accordance with Colorado State liquor laws and university campus policies and procedures.

In general, the approval process for an event with alcohol, on-campus or off-campus, requires the department to take the following steps:

1.  Review the following guidance on events with alcohol.

2.  Reserve a location for event

3.  Decide on invitation method and draft a guest list

4.  Reserve a caterer or other food service

  • Caterers must comply with Standard Insurance Requirements
  • Vendor must possess proper Liquor Liability Insurance and list the University as an Additional Insured.

5.  Hire a TIPs certified bartender (licensed vendors typically employ TIPs certified servers)

6.  Ensure allowable alcohol funding is available and sufficient to cover cost of event

7.  Complete Alcohol Authorization Form

  • The Alcohol Authorization form MUST be completed anytime University funds are being used to pay for ANY portion of a Large Official Function (>10 people attending) that includes alcohol service.

8.  Route Alcohol Authorization Form to department Officer for approval

9.  Submit Officer signed form to

Requests should be submitted at least 30 days prior to event date to allow the Alcohol Advisory Committee time to properly review.

Please direct any questions related to events with alcohol to Caroline Kirkwood at 303-315-2286 or