Pooled Investment Earnings (PIE)

PIE is the result of earnings from investments made by the University Treasury as outlined in the fiscal policy Treasury Pooled Investment Earnings.  There are two types of PIE: Full PIE and Campus PIE.

Full PIE is calculated and distributed by the CU Treasury to programs or projects identified through Federal regulations.  Programs or Projects that currently receive full PIE are Student Fees, Internal Service Units, and Student loan programs.  The distribution is made at the end of each quarter close.

Campus PIE is calculated and distributed by the University Finance Office to applicable programs and projects with a positive average daily cash balance.  The distribution is made in the month following each quarter close except at fiscal year-end when the distribution is made in June.

If a program or project had a negative average daily cash balance, it is charged interest at 7.5%.

Contact – Nara Shagdar, 303-315-2273

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