Real Estate Services

Real Estate Coordination Services (RECS) handles the leasing and licensing of external space for University programs.
RECS provides support and guidance to University schools, colleges, and programs for external leasing needs and serves as a liaison between the programs and the State's contracted real estate brokers.
RECS is under the supervision of the Associate Vice Chancellor of Financial Services.  RECS follows University policies and procedures and provides oversight for state leases and other real estate contracts.  This includes approval of all leases, coordination with the State's contracted real estate brokers, and maintaining the inventory of leased property.
For all real estate leases and licenses, your first point of contact should be RECS who will coordinate the process.  If requesting space off campus, to include storage units, please complete the External Space Request form and submit.
RECS contact:
Melissa Lemieux, Real Estate Coordinator
Phone:  303-315-2263
Main Office:  1380 Lawrence Street, Suite 900, Denver, CO  80204
Mailing Address:  PO Box 173364, Camps Box 129, Denver, CO  80217-3364

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