WebSpace Training

What is WebSpace training?

Campus space inventory and survey process is completed using a web-based application, WebSpace. This process requires close coordination among numerous departments including but not limited to, the Office of Sponsored Programs, Accounting Services, Facilities Management, and Academic Departments.

During the training, participants will learn:

  • The reasons of inventorying and surveying campus space
  • Any system upgrades and changes that affects end-users
  • How to inventory and survey space using WebSpace. This is a quick refresher and will do hands-on exercises
  • Review common mistakes that end-users make during the process

Who should take it?

This training is mandatory for fiscal managers, administrators, employees that were delegated to inventory and or survey spaces. Also, principal investigators and Deans are strongly encouraged to attend.

How to register?

To sign-up for training, Register Here. If you find that you are not able to attend any of these classes listed on the form, please send an email to webspace@ucdenver.edu or call at 303-315-6378.