SpeedType Request Procedures

The following procedures will guide you through the process of requesting a new SpeedType.

1.  To request a new program for Unrestricted, Auxiliary, Plant, or non-UPI Agency Funds (Funds 10, 2x, 72, 80):

a. Click on the required chartfield request forms:

b. Complete the coversheet, program and speedtype worksheets by filling in the sections highlighted in yellow.

c. If the request is for a new program to be established in Funds 20 to 29 of the Auxiliary Fund, the following additional forms must be completed (click on the required form):

  • UBIT Questionnaire (All funds 2x except leftover monies from closed grants)  For questions regarding the UBIT Questionnaire, send an email to Ryan Yu or call 303-315-2256.
  • Cost Allocation Survey (Anschutz Campus only)
  • If the activity is determined to be an Internal Service Center, the Finance Office Service Center Accountant will contact the unit with instructions on completing a cost study.
  • All chartfield requests should be approved by the school or unit administrator/fiscal manager.  Unrestricted and Auxiliary Fund budgets must be coordinated directly with the university Budget Office via your school or unit administrator/fiscal manager.

d. Send completed forms through campus mail to the university Finance Office at Campus Box A005/129 or email to Finance.Chartfields@ucdenver.edu.

2.  To request a new project in Restricted Funds 30 and 31, contact the Office of Grants and Contracts at 303-724-0090.

3.  To request a new Gift program in fund 34, contact the Office of Grants and Contracts at 303-724-0260, Campus Box F428, or OGC.Gifts@ucdenver.edu.

4.  To request a new UPI program (Fund 80) – Contact the UPI Finance Office to establish a new cost center for clinical activities.  Upon approval, UPI will contact the university Finance Office to establish the new program in Fund 80.  (School of Medicine only)