Student Email Policy​​

E-mail is an official means of communication for students at the CU Anschutz. All official university e-mail will be sent to each student’s assigned a CU Anschutz e-mail address.

CU Anschutz will only use CU Anschutz  student e-mail accounts if it elects to send e-mail communications to students. CU Anschutz e-mail accounts are available through IT Services. Students are responsible for reading e-mails received from CU Anschutz.

The purpose of this requirement is to:

  1. Ensure students receive information timely
  2. Eliminate identity concerns related to student communications received by CU Anschutz via e-mail. CU Anschutz is not responsible for mail forwarded from CU Anschutz student e-mail accounts

Effects of the Policy

The university will only use your CU Anschutz-assigned e-mail account for e-mail communications. Faculty and administration will use your official CU Anschutz-assigned addresses when corresponding with you via e-mail. Examples of important CU Anschutz communications that you may receive through your official e-mail address include:

  • Invitations to register
  • Responses to your inquiries about registration, admissions, records and financial aid
  • Information and authorization/verification requests for College Opportunity Fund, legal presence issues
  • Messages from faculty regarding course work
  • Notices of scholarship, educational and financial aid opportunities and deadlines

It is expected that official e-mail will be read by students in a timely fashion.

E-mail Address Format

CU Anschutz-assigned student e-mail addresses have the following format:

  • firstname.lastname@.cuanschutz.edu

Note: Students must follow the activation procedure below to activate their account and obtain their exact address.

Activating Your Official e-mail

Office of the Registrar

CU Anschutz

Education II North

13120 East 19th Avenue


Aurora, CO 80045



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