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Campus Observing Normal Operating Hours

Currently there are no emergencies on campus. Should an emergency arise, this page will be updated with relevant information.

Communication plays a critical role before, during, and after any emergency or disaster. CU Anschutz works to provide emergency notifications to the campus community. 

CU Anschutz Emergency Management will immediately notify the campus community upon confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation occurring on campus that involves an immediate threat to the health or safety of students, faculty, staff, or visitors. Such notifications can be disseminated through a variety of communication methods as dictated by the incident. 

There are two types of emergency notifications:   

  • CU Alerts!
  • Campus Timely Warnings

The CU Anschutz Emergency Notification System (CU Alerts!) provides campus emergency alerts via text and/or email when conditions develop on or near CU Anschutz Medical Campus, which pose an imminent threat of danger to the Campus Community. 

Examples may include: 

  • Physical plant issues (e.g., natural gas leak, etc.)
  • Inclement weather closures or delays
  • Campus safety threats (e.g., robbery, active harmer, bomb threat, etc.)
  • Hazmat situations

When a specific crime covered by the Clery Act occurs, the CU Anschutz Police is required to evaluate if there is a serious or ongoing threat to the campus community to determine if a Timely Warning email needs to be issued to all faculty, staff, and students. 

View Timely Warnings for the Anschutz Medical Campus 

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Emergency Numbers for CU Anschutz

CU Anschutz Police:

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 UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital or Children's Hospital

As a reminder, CU Anschutz closures and delays do not affect the operations at UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital or Children's Hospital or Children's Hospital Colorado. Hospital and clinic operations are normal unless otherwise announced by those facilities. Students, faculty, and staff assigned to work in the clinics/hospitals on campus must report to work unless the hospitals announce changes in their operations

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