Clery Geography and Reportable Locations

Statistics must be disclosed for reported Clery Act crimes that occur (1) on campus, (2) on public property within or immediately adjacent to the campus, and (3) in or on non-campus buildings or property that our institution owns or controls.  How these geographic areas are defined is Clery Act specific, and the same for all institutions of higher education.  

1. On-campus

University owned or controlled property within the same reasonably contiguous geographic area

Used in direct support of, or in a manner related to, the institution's educational purposes

Student residential facilities (Note: the CU Anschutz campus does not have any residential facilities)

The hospitals and medical facilities located at Anschutz are included in our on-campus statistics due to overlapping faculty/doctors, overlapping boards of directors or officers, and use as part of our institution's educational program. 

2. Public Property

Includes public streets, sidewalks, thoroughfares, and parking areas, within and immediately adjacent to campus

3. Non-Campus

University owned or controlled not in the general geographic area of the institution, and used to support educational purposes or by students.

Example: Rented, leased, or other space for which there is a written agreement for use by students for conducting educational program functions.  This includes school-sponsored trips for students for which lodging is paid or reimbursed by the institution. 

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