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Communication plays a critical role before, during, and after any emergency or disaster.  CU Anschutz will immediately notify the Campus Community upon confirmation of a significant emergency or dangerous situation occurring on the campus that involves an immediate threat to the health or safety of students, faculty, staff, or visitors.  This notification can be disseminated through a variety of communications methods as dictated by the incident.

To receive CU Anschutz Alerts! by text, simply text "CUAnschutzAlerts" to 226787.



How to respond to a campus emergency:

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Emergency Preparedness Quick-Reference Guide


The information above is contained in the Emergency Preparedness Quick-Reference Guides located at the entrance/exit to room throughout CU Anschutz Medical Campus buildings.


The primary purpose of the Emergency Preparedness Quick-Reference Guides (left) is to provide CU Anschutz students, faculty and staff with information that may be critical in the event of an emergency; take the time to learn the emergency procedures and contacts listed in this document, and be prepared for emergencies.