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Communication within – and beyond – our 230 acres of state-of-the-art medical and research facilities, should appropriately reflect our values and who we are. Ever-changing and always innovating, the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus calls for a strong, simple and recognizable brand identity. Consistent messaging is key to establishing brand recognition. We encourage the utilization of these guidelines when developing marketing communications.

Messaging Platform

We are committed to:

Improving Lives at Every
Stage of Life.

As one of the few academic medical campuses in the world that delivers top-quality care from pediatrics to geriatrics, we are uniquely capable of making positive impacts across the span of life.

Innovation as Our DNA.

As a campus born while accomplishing many “firsts,” our collective nature is to constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible. We embrace invention over convention, thus delivering breakthroughs today that improve all our tomorrows.

Excellence Through
Collaborative Research,
Education and Care.

Across our campus, some of the world’s best medical minds work together with unprecedented coordination to deliver a level of research, education and care not possible through one person, one school or one silo working alone.

Empowering Visionaries.

In a field where brilliance is the price of admission, we believe it is not enough to simply attract top talent— they must also be visionaries. Our mission is to give these rare individuals the freedom and support to change the world.

Gold Diagonals

Brand Voice

University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus is:

–  Warm and Welcoming

–  Vital and Visionary

–  Dedicated and Determined

–  Optimistic and Inventive

–  Confident

–  Leading the Way Forward

University of Colorado  Anschutz Medical Campus is not:

– Casual or Cavalier

– Formal or Stiff

– Uncertain or Hesitant

– Misleading or Naive

– Cold

– Stagnant or Clinging to Convention

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