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CU Anschutz allows all faculty, staff and students to order products with campus and unit logos on them and this page is here to guide you in how to do so with legal and brand guidelines in mind. 

Branded swag or apparel serve as powerful representations of an institution, offering a tangible and memorable connection with its audience. Consistently following brand guidelines for these items is crucial, ensuring a unified and recognizable identity. This adherence reinforces brand trust, fosters professionalism, and enhances overall brand recall, contributing to a cohesive and impactful market presence.

See below for our step-by-step guide, and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Before ordering a branded item, you might want to consider the following to determine if it is an appropriate use of resources:

  • What is the goal of producing this item? Are you seeking to enhance brand awareness, direct people to your website, increase social media subscribers, drive enrollment, support fundraising, boost team building or morale?
  • How will producing this item achieve those goals in a measurable way? 
  • CU Anschutz is committed to sustainability. Before ordering, consider: Is it an item that is useful and has a life longer than one event/day? Will it be thrown away in the trash after one use? 
  • Is this item or similar already available in the CU Anschutz Bookstore?

Other ways to achieve marketing goals:

Gold Diagonals

How to order CU Anschutz-branded products:

Common Misuses

The list below describe common misuses of CU Anschutz Medical Campus merchandise and apparel:

  • NOT using a licensed vendor - we have hundreds of amazing vendors ready to work with you on your project. 
  • Re-designing or reworking an approved logo. Always use your official CU dept/school/clinic logo. These can be found on Image relay. If you don't see it there please reach out to 
  • Creating custom graphics/logos instead of using official CU logos. This not only dilutes the strength of our collective brand but could also violate trademarking rules. 
  • Combining custom graphics with CU logos Always leave logos and other graphics as separate elements. 
  • Including multiple CU logos in the same imprint area. When multiple units are involved, use the parent/primary school or unit logo instead. When in doubt, use the CU Anschutz logo and identify specific schools and units elsewhere in text. 
  • Not including enough clear space around the logo and other design elements. See here for clear space guidelines.
  • Using another CU campus mascot or athletic/spirit identity on CU Anschutz apparel and merchandise. For example, the CU Buffs "Ralphie" or any resemblance to a buffalo may not be used in CU Anschutz apparel or merchandise. We also do not allow anything that resembles a buffalo to be used on CU Anschutz-branded products to avoid confusion. 
Brand Site- No No's (1)

Endorsement Guidelines

From time to time a vendor or other company with which CU works will ask our faculty or staff members to provide testimonial quotes for the vendor’s promotional purposes. This is prohibited under Regent Policy 14B. Endorsements can lead to misunderstandings and to misuse of CU’s name or reputation, or give a vendor an unfair advantage when competing for CU’s business. 

On rare occasions, it may be in the university’s best interest to publicly testify to the qualifications of a vendor or other company or the efficacy of the vendor or other company’s products, goods, services, views or beliefs. In these cases, requests for participation by CU faculty, staff, employees or representatives must be referred to Steve Zweck-Bronner for approval. Steve will review the request and make a determination in writing. Requests should be submitted via email to

Other Ways to Find and Order CU Anschutz Branded Products

Contact Us

Contact the brand team at: or see our FAQ page


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