IPE Council, Directors and Team Members

Interprofessional leadership uniting all programs in a longitudinal curriculum


IPE Director 

Suzanne Brandenburg, MD - School of Medicine 

IPE Curriculum Manager & Instructional Designer: 

Michelle Colarelli, MA - Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education 

IPE Program Manager & Education Coordinator: 

Reesie Roland - Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education 

IPE Academic Service Professional  

Jennette Wooley - Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education 


IPE Assistant Director - Council and School/Programs Representatives: 

Amy Akerman, MPAS, PA-C 
Physician Assistant Program 

Krista Estes, DNP, FNP BC

College of Nursing 

Anthony "Toby" Kinney, PT, DPT, PhD, MBA                           

Physical Therapy Program 

Skaggs School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences 

Lindsey Yates, DDS, MPH 
School of Dental Medicine 


Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (IPCP) Course Director:  

Physical Therapy Program 

Interprofessional Health Care & Health Equity (IPHE) Course Director:  

Center for Bioethics & Humanities | Faculty, College of Nursing  

Interprofessional Clinical Transformations (IPCT) Course Director: 

Center for Advancing Professional Excellence (CAPE) 

Interprofessional Clinical Integrations (IPCI) Director:  

TBD - Direct questions to:   




Questions? Contact: IPEHelp@cuanschtuz.edu 



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