Longitudinal Curriculum Timeline

The purpose of IPE is to support you during these varied learning experiences!

To start, you'll be working remotely with your colleagues from other professions at Anschutz to build knowledge and skills for interprofessional work in healthcare. We hope to return to in-person session on campus in the fall term. Each of these components occur during a 2-4 year experience at CU Anschutz Medical Campus. Learners may experience each of these components at different at different stages within their education according to the needs of each healthcare program

Broadly, you are required to complete these 5 interprofessional components throughout your time at CU Anschutz Medical Campus:

Interprofessional Orientation

Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Course (IPCP)

Interprofessional Healthcare & Health Equity Course (IPHE)

Interprofessional Clinical Transformations (IPCT)

Interprofessional Clinical Integrations (IPCI)




For more details review this IPE Orientation Longitudinal Curriculum Slidedeck