Longitudinal Curriculum Timeline

The purpose of IPE is to support you during these varied learning experiences!

We have developed a comprehensive longitudinal curriculum over 5 formal components so students can learn, practice, and get feedback on the most important knowledge, skills, and attitudes individual health professionals need to work together in teams.  


Each of these 5 curricular components occurs during a 2-4 year experience at CU Anschutz Medical Campus. Depending on the program’s requirements, students may experience these components at different stages within their education according to the needs of each healthcare program.  


Broadly, you are required to complete these 5 interprofessional components throughout your time at CU Anschutz Medical Campus:

Interprofessional Orientation

Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Course (IPCP)

Interprofessional Healthcare & Health Equity Course (IPHE)

Interprofessional Clinical Transformations (IPCT)

Interprofessional Clinical Integrations (IPCI)




For more details review this IPE Orientation Longitudinal Curriculum Slidedeck

The COVID pandemic has taught us to be nimble so that depending on our campus safety guidelines, we can support in-person and online engagement as needed. 


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