IPE Faculty

IPE volunteer faculty are a critical part of the success of the IPE program. Our volunteers are a team of faculty members from various schools and programs across University of Colorado, Children’s Hospital Colorado, and other community partners of the Anschutz Medical Campus, and have three roles, as a facilitator. Their first role is to promote interprofessional education, which is when health professional students learn with, about and from each other. Their second role is to facilitate dialogue and learning within and among teams to foster team learning. Although they have areas of expertise, their goal is to serve as a facilitator rather than a content expert. Their third role is to coach team development through expectations/goal setting, 

Center for Interprofessional Practice &Education introductory courses focus on the four competency domains identified by the Interprofessional Educational Collaborative. Students work in interprofessional teams under the guidance of faculty facilitators, using a Team-Paced Learning strategy and a hybrid design of online asynchronous modules and synchronous in-person sessions that allow interprofessional teams to learn with and from one another and impart knowledge, skills and behaviors which promote interprofessional collaborative practice.

Volunteers Appreciated

​​The CU Center for Interprofessional Practice & Education relies on faculty volunteers and preceptors! Discover how to support improved collaborative patient care and reduce medical errors and healthcare costs by being an Interprofessional volunteer facilitator.

For more information on how to be an IPE Facilitator email: Reesie.Roland@cuanschut.edu

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