IPE at CU Anschutz Medical Campus

Intentionally Designed

Anschutz Medical Campus Aerial View

The University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus was intentionally designed to facilitate interprofessional education (IPE). At the heart of this is the Fulginiti Pavilion which houses the Interprofessional Practice & Education Program. Our educational classrooms are shared amongst the 8 health professions programs on campus – anesthesiologist assistant, dental medicine, medicine, nursing, pharmacy. physical therapy, physician’s assistant, and public health. This allows students from multiple programs to interact regularly in formal and social learning spaces.    


What we want to do: Our goals are to improve population health, enhance the quality of care, and reduce health care costs through the creation of a patient-centered, collaborative, practice- ready workforce. This workforce will demonstrate competency in (1) quality and safety, (2) values and ethics, and (3) teamwork and collaboration in the context of systems and systems-based practice. Our campus has a particular focus on vulnerable and underservedpopulations, so we hope to make health care better through this approach. 


How we want to do it: Our IPE curriculum is active and longitudinal. It begins early and continues throughout training. Integrating IPE into both the preclinical and clinical aspects of becoming a health professional allows us to teach, practice, and assess the competencies described above.