Chancellor's Communique

CU Anschutz COVID-19 Vaccination Policy - 6-14-21

Dear students, faculty and staff,

As previously announced, all members of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus community are required to be fully vaccinated ahead of the fall semester. Students are asked to be fully vaccinated prior to beginning their fall programs, and everyone on campus must be fully vaccinated no later than September 1. If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, you are encouraged to do so at your earliest opportunity; please plan ahead, as the timeframe to full vaccination may be six weeks or longer.

Today, we share the COVID-19 vaccination policy in place for our campus, which outlines at a high level what this requirement entails. It is important to note that you must either be fully vaccinated with a World Health Organization-approved COVID-19 vaccine, or have a medical or religious exemption submitted and approved, ahead of the deadlines noted above. You can find information about those exemptions, including downloadable exemption forms, on the vaccine webpage.

Please note that we are developing a web-based process for vaccine verification and exemption requests, coming to campus later this summer. Students beginning courses now and over the coming months may work with their program to submit proof of vaccination or exemption.

You have played an important role in keeping our campus community healthy, and in enabling our steady, safe return. Earlier this month, I shared recent changes to campus protocols. I encourage you to watch a video message addressing those changes or read about the protocols, to ensure you are informed.

For those conducting on-campus activity over the summer months, an optional vaccination sticker program is now available. If you would like to add a “COVID VAX 2021” sticker to your university badge, more information is available here.

Thank you for all you continue to do to keep #CUAnschutzTogether. I hope you share my pride in how far we’ve come and my optimism for the months ahead. If you haven’t paid a visit to our virtual campus Thank You Wall, I encourage you to take a look at the inspiring messages there and add your own words of gratitude.

Don Elliman
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