Thank You Wall

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the CU Anschutz community has united in common purpose and become stronger than ever.

Below are words of gratitude and appreciation left by members of our community.

I want to show my most sincere gratitude for the tireless, relentless, continuous effort of the CU Anschutz COVID-19 Team. Our case investigators, data miners, task force students, nurses, medical director Dr. Brian Montague and volunteers have not missed a day of work since the team launched in mid-2020 and continue to monitor state and national conditions, administer guidance, and be a resource for our community. Watching our team never give up, even during the spikes when one person may be handling 30 cases at any given time, has been humbling and inspiring. I am so proud of each member of our team and want to give them the most public THANK YOU that I can!

Kimberlyn Cook

Pandemic Campus Coordinator
Words cannot express the gratitude for the innumerable heroic efforts you have made on behalf of humanity. Research or practice, it doesn't matter -- human life has benefited from your work. THANK YOU!

Melissa Lucero

A huge Thank You to all who kept us safe throughout these difficult times. Your heroism and bravery is a thing of beauty. Thank you to all who made this new building possible. It also is a thing of beauty and a magnificent addition to our campus.

Kimberly Harding

FISH coordinator
So much goes on behind the scenes to keep life moving throughout campus. Thank you to all that do what is necessary to allow life to thrive in such trying times!!

Justin Juvera

Senior Professional Research Assistant
The Colgan Lab has been such a wonderful place to work these past three years, even through the pandemic. I looked forward to coming to work every day!

Emily Murphy

Research Assistant
I would like to personally thank my team, who tirelessly pivoted again and again when the covid conditions were ever-changing. Tim, Hana, Joy, Lia, Sarah, Jason, and Jules. I also would like to thank Kevin Anthony, our IT Manager, who was present in the office every single day to make sure that all of us could shift our jobs to electronic work as much as needed! I think our whole center would have fallen apart if it weren't for him! Finally, I would like to thank our Center Co-Director, Mike Wang. Without him at the helm, I think that our center would have floundered in a big way.

Kristi Norton

Research Services Program Manager
Thank you to everyone I haven't met in-person yet in the Pulmonary Division for making me feel so welcome in my new role! Thank you to everyone working in the ICUs with the Covid patients and for allowing the rest of us to work from home and feel safe there. Thank you to all of the leaders who kept us posted with regular updates on the Covid numbers and what to expect on campus, in particular, Chancellor Don Elliman.

Jill Penafiel

Education Manager
During the pandemic, the Division of Urology faculty and staff have been a tremendous support system. Thank you for being such a fantastic team to work with!

Noelle Musgrave

Business Services Senior Professional
I am so grateful that our administration took the necessary steps to keep us safe and enable us to continue working remotely. I also appreciate the resources made available to us for COVID information and where to find assistance if needed. Not all business were this forward thinking and this generous. I was proud to be an employee of the Anschutz Medical Campus during the pandemic!

Candace Ellman

Business Services Professional
I want to thank our leadership for all they did for staff, faculty and students during Covid. Your care and compassion must be recognized. To all my peers in Facilities who supported my role during this time, I thank you for your dedication and quick responses. We are truly an amazing team!!

Roxanna Winslow

Transition Project Manager
Thank you to the CU CIPE Team! The support and encouragement I have received has helped me get through some very challenging times this year. A special thank you to Suzanne Brandenburg for the encouraging me to step out of my comfort zone and advocating for my promotion.

Reesie Roland

IPE Program Manager
I truly appreciate all of the guidance and encouragement. Working with you all has been such a pleasure. I want to let you know how much I truly appreciate your help around the office. I don't know what we would do without each and every one of you.

Tam Pham

Clinical Research Budget Specialist
Thank you SO much to Pat Goggans, for helping BSBT students matriculate seamlessly in such a strange time. Pat has made our grad school experience as normal and enjoyable as possible, despite us joining the campus community in the middle of the pandemic. Thank you!!

Jordan Currie

BSBT Student, Graduate Research Assistant
A big shout out you to the Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education (CIPE) team. With our health professions students in mind, they have been incredibly hard working, flexible and compassionate despite numerous hurdles at and outside of work. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Suzanne Brandenburg

I want to thank everyone who made it possible to work from home and stay safe. I especially want to thank Dr. Eva Burger and the Department of Orthopedics for keeping the lines of communication open, the opportunity to work from home, the care and commitment shown to the entire department during this unprecedented time. I'm proud to work with such a great group of people.

Nan LaFrance

Business Services Professional
Thanks to everyone who staffed the check-in stations etc. for keeping all of us safe!

David Paul

IT Manager

Kathy Shaw

Associate Professor
Thank you to everybody in our zebrafish research community at CU AMC for being patient and caring, as we worked on expanding and improving our facility in the midst of these unprecedented times. Taking care to ensure the safety of members of our community during all of this difficulty meant a lot, and continues to mean a lot to those of us who support the research you do.

Christine Archer

Zebrafish Facility Coordinator
To all the Advanced Practice Providers who are, and did, persevere to serve patients, teammates and the SOM institution/UCHA as a whole: Thank you for your passion, endurance and dedication. Please take your time off and enjoy summer with friends, family and others important to your life. Appreciate you all!

Kandace Shepherd

Director Office of Advanced Practice
I'd like to give a shout out to the instructors who really gave their all to our cohort before and during the online-study classes; Patrick Luna, Dr. Crownover and the numerous others who made learning less lonely. Thank you for caring. It was obvious that you wanted more for us and you were doing all you could. I'll remember you with gratitude!

Heather Metizner

College of Nursing Student
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