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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the CU Anschutz community has united in common purpose and become stronger than ever.

Below are words of gratitude and appreciation left by members of our community.

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A big shout out you to the Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education (CIPE) team. With our health professions students in mind, they have been incredibly hard working, flexible and compassionate despite numerous hurdles at and outside of work. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Suzanne Brandenburg

I want to thank everyone who made it possible to work from home and stay safe. I especially want to thank Dr. Eva Burger and the Department of Orthopedics for keeping the lines of communication open, the opportunity to work from home, the care and commitment shown to the entire department during this unprecedented time. I'm proud to work with such a great group of people.

Nan LaFrance

Business Services Professional
Thanks to everyone who staffed the check-in stations etc. for keeping all of us safe!

David Paul

IT Manager

Kathy Shaw

Associate Professor
Thank you to everybody in our zebrafish research community at CU AMC for being patient and caring, as we worked on expanding and improving our facility in the midst of these unprecedented times. Taking care to ensure the safety of members of our community during all of this difficulty meant a lot, and continues to mean a lot to those of us who support the research you do.

Christine Archer

Zebrafish Facility Coordinator
To all the Advanced Practice Providers who are, and did, persevere to serve patients, teammates and the SOM institution/UCHA as a whole: Thank you for your passion, endurance and dedication. Please take your time off and enjoy summer with friends, family and others important to your life. Appreciate you all!

Kandace Shepherd

Director Office of Advanced Practice
I'd like to give a shout out to the instructors who really gave their all to our cohort before and during the online-study classes; Patrick Luna, Dr. Crownover and the numerous others who made learning less lonely. Thank you for caring. It was obvious that you wanted more for us and you were doing all you could. I'll remember you with gratitude!

Heather Metizner

College of Nursing Student
To our alumni - I'm so incredibly thankful for your ability to adapt to this new virtual world. The alumni volunteers that I work with have taken changes in stride and helped us perfect our virtual programming. An endless THANK YOU for your resilience and willingness to support the CU College of Nursing.

Katelyn Nolan

Alumni Relations & Communication Professional, College of Nursing
I find myself so grateful for our team over the past year. In a year where most things were out of our control, they stay committed to our mission and focusing on the pieces we could control. In an unexpected way, we grew closer as a team even though we were physically distanced. Thank you, Team Joy!

Brie Aguila

Assistant Vice Chancellor for External Relations
A special thanks to all the facilities and information technology professionals who kept our buildings (and us!) safe and secure, accepted package deliveries, kept our laptops running during hundreds of hours on Zoom, kept our plants alive and thriving, and managed countless other requests and details during the past 15 months. You deserve SO much credit and appreciation for your extra efforts this year!

Julia Rawlings

Sr. Clinical Instructor
Thanks everyone! “The best way to be superhuman is to do things that you love with other people who love them, too." ― Cory Doctorow, Walkaway

Wladimir Labeikovsky

To the graduate students - I appreciate you! You have been through this pandemic not only as students, but as parents, nurses on the front line, children of elderly parents, and more. Your understanding, intensive work ethnic, and ability to step in during the pandemic to become part of the solution in shared decision-making with your faculty has made our College stronger! Thank you, students!!

Priscilla Nodine

Associate Professor, College of Nursing
Thank you to most of all our leadership. I feel so proud of how they have handled the pandemic and it was done in such a caring and professional way making sure that we have the resources we need to help us get through this trying time. What stood out to me is how proactive they've been. I've not had to ask anyone any questions about what I need to do, as a staff member, on either returning to campus, where the vaccines are available, how to get mental health assistance if I needed it, or anything else pertaining to the pandemic. To all the other people who've worked tirelessly getting the work done by preparing the material, sending out communications, giving the vaccines or anything else they did to help us, I also thank them from the bottom of my heart. I actually felt cared for. I noticed that the words matched the actions!

Deborah Stevens

Business Services Professional
We are incredibly grateful for Keith Smith of the Linda Crnic Institute. His leadership through this past year has been unwavering! He always was willing to help out in any way he could. His hard work has created a productive and safe environment for the entire team. When called to start processing COVID Biobank samples and to support the COVIDome, Keith stepped up to lead the project from the ground. We appreciate you, Keith! Thank you!

Monica Lintz

Thank you all! I appreciate the level of detail and communication the campus has shown.

Rene Begay

Professional Research Assistant
I want to thank whoever was involved for being a source of considered and reliable information. When others felt bewildered about what to believe, I sent them updates from CU Anschutz Medical Campus. It helped me contain my reactivity to other news sources and keep me grounded in factual information.

Elizabeth Rogers

Clinical Instructor
The COVID-19 pandemic and the university's response has shown me the true meaning of resilience and flexibility, as well as what we as health professionals are capable of doing for our communities during grave emergencies. It has truly been a life-changing experience for me and the most impactful educational experience of them all, and I will carry those lessons with me long after I graduate.

Heather DeWaal

PharmD Student
I stand amazed and honored by the strength and resilience demonstrated by all. This new way of living challenged our limits, yet we rose to the challenge and revealed new heights that many may not have believed we were capable of achieving. CU Anschutz has that winning spirit.

Jaron Bryant

Alumni Relations Manager
As difficult at the COVID-19 pandemic has been, it has also shown the importance of our research mission and collective spirit to persevere in the midst of challenge.

Thomas Flaig

MD, Vice Chancellor for Research
I'm in awe of the talented heroes on our campus! You showed resilience during a very difficult year and I am forever inspired!

Kiley Kudrna

Communications Specialist