Saving and improving lives by solving the world’s health problems.

  • The first use of human cell cloning to study genetics and cancer.
  • The development of the first vaccine for shingles.
  • The first liver transplant ever performed in the world.

Home to these groundbreaking medical discoveries and many more, CU Anschutz is driven by the multidisciplinary approach of our researchers and clinicians across the spectrum of science and medicine, from innovative cancer clinical trials to examining the benefits of equine therapy for children with autism.


As one of only a handful of integrated health science campuses in the country, our researchers, clinicians, faculty and students can explore the most critical questions in healthcare with the facilities to support the entire spectrum of research, from the lab to patient application in a single unique environment.


With two top nationally ranked partner hospitals on the campus, alongside several speciality clinics and centers, and supported by hundreds of millions of dollars in research grants, there is support and momentum for new ideas from inception to implementation.


For researchers, this means connections to abundant research opportunities and a network of collaborative relationships with specialists and leaders in their fields.


For patients, it means faster, easier access to the newest, most innovative treatments.


Learn more about the research conducted at CU Anschutz and see why experts from around the world come to our campus to pursue their health innovation goals.


Learn about some of the most impactful breakthroughs happening here on campus.
New way to kill cancer

A new way to kill cancer cells

Our researchers have discovered a successful breakthrough in treating a rare form of aggressive cancer – acute myeloid leukemia (AML) – by targeting specific metabolic processes in cancer stem cells, that has potential applications in treating other tumor types such as breast, pancreatic and colon.

Autism and Equine Therapy

Children with autism spectrum see benefits from equine therapy

In the first large randomized study of its kind, our researchers have shown that therapeutic horse riding has a lasting reduction in irritability and can improve emotional health and communication skills for children with autism spectrum.

Living Cadaver Susan Potter

Virtual human — a living cadaver

With 27,000 photos taken of her entire anatomy, allowing medical students and researchers to tour her virtual cadaver in incredible detail, Susan Potter continues to inspire.

Home Vertigo Treatment

Vertigo treatment at home

Carol Foster, MD had Meniere’s Disease, a disorder of the inner ear that causes bouts of vertigo that can last for hours. Here are her step-by-step instructions on how to treat vertigo at home.


Explore how research and clinical trials take shape and how discoveries become real world applications.

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Clinical Trials

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