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Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease epidemic may be result of high heat toxins

CU Anschutz researchers believe climate change may play role in epidemic that has killed thousands of agricultural workers

Birth Control Pills

CU Anschutz study offers clues for why birth control may fail

According to researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, women who get pregnant while using birth control may carry a gene that breaks down the hormones common in contraceptives.


FIRES: Researchers work to unravel its cause and possible treatments

Amid the pageantry of a holiday weekend at the Air Force Academy, a cadet suddenly feels fatigued and feverish. His condition quickly worsens until he starts having seizures.


CU School of Medicine partners with CSU to open medical school branch

The partnership aims to create a program that builds on the strengths of both universities, joining CU School of Medicine’s leading medical education and research programs with CSU’s expertise in human, animal, and public health.


By the Numbers


Degree-seeking future
health professionals


Of the top hospitals in the nation: UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital and Children’s Hospital Colorado


in research grants




Education ProgramsEducation at CU Anschutz Medical Campus

Six health professional schools offering over 40 degree programs

Begin or continue your journey in healthcare mentored by the best in their fields.



ResearchResearch at CU Anschutz Medical Campus

Boundless opportunities for life changing discoveries in an unparalleled setting

Propelled by renowned faculty and researchers, we’re forging new knowledge, collaborative approaches and innovative solutions to healthcare’s most pressing challenges.



InnovationInnovation CU Anschutz

Empowering visionaries across the spectrum of healthcare possibilities

From translating laboratory results into real life applications to exploring new possibilities in mental health treatment, we harness curiosity and tenacity to improve the quality of health worldwide.



Patient CarePatient care CU Anschutz Medical Campus

Delivering compassionate care at two of the top hospitals in the U.S.

Our collaborative, patient-centered approach brings together some of the most experienced specialists in the country to focus on your health and well-being.