While the course of the COVID-19 epidemic remains uncertain, we know our campus will be transformed in its wake. As we look ahead to what is next, we are setting a very high bar to minimize risk to our community.

Find the latest on return to campus planning below, and a summary of our key operational decisions on the COVID-19 Updates and Resources site.


  • Heightened safety protocols and entry screening processes are in effect. Critical staff already on campus, and those invited and approved for return, must comply with all elements of the entry screening process. Please ensure you are prepared.
  • A new and improved daily health questionnaire makes the campus screening process simpler. Details below.



We are prioritizing essential programming, while adhering to reduced staffing and physical distancing requirements. Currently, we are adopting a hybrid model that supports working and learning from home and the workplace. 

Limited return to campus work has begun, and as quickly as we can bring more people back safely, we will do so. In the meantime, any working and learning activity that can be effectively accomplished remotely, should continue to be done remotely.


Everyone has a role in keeping themselves and their colleagues safe, so please follow these guidelines at all times:

Return to Campus

How to Return to Campus

Before Returning:

3 Daily Steps Once Approved to Return:

  1. Complete the health questionnaire before arriving on campus, and bring your confirmation email to a designated check-in point
    • Access the questionnaire through this new, easy-access link daily prior to arrival on campus
    • Or scan the QR code posted at check-in locations to access
  2. Bring & wear your CU Anschutz badge and a face covering at all times, indoors and outdoors
    • Only exception if working alone in a closed workspace
  3. At the designated check-in point (listed below):
    • Show your confirmation email

    • Get your temperature taken

    • Pick up your wristband in a specific color for each day

Everyone in a university building during business hours must have a building access wristband

Staying Safe

How to Stay Safe

  • From the check-in point, go directly to your workspace
  • Follow donning and doffing protocols for scrubs, uniforms and PPE in healthcare settings
  • Stay 6 feet away from others at all times
  • Do not gather, meet or congregate at any time, inside or outside
  • Follow all posted signage, floor markings and schedules
  • Disinfect your workspace and practice hand hygiene 
  • Use only the closest restrooms or break rooms during the day 
  • Hold all meetings remotely rather than in person
  • Direct questions to your COVID official or supervisor/unit head. Research COVID officials listed here. Officials for education, administration, and other areas to be identified.
  • Leave campus immediately if you feel sick, inform your supervisor and self-report

These guidelines will be monitored and evaluated as each area returns to campus at CU Anschutz. We will keep this list updated and provide more information as it becomes available.



Previous Updates


Our return to campus plans are grounded in three guiding principles for safeguarding our campus community while delivering on our mission.



Protecting the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff and those we serve will continue to be our primary focus and highest priority.



We will continue to innovate and adapt our academic programming and campus operations to meet the evolving challenges presented by COVID-19.



We will continue to demonstrate strength in unity, never losing sight of our purpose.


Questions about return to campus plans at CU Anschutz?