Departmental Representative Program

Starting a new postdoctoral position usually involves significant life changes. Whether they be as small as changing departments or as large as moving to a new country, these transitions are often major sources of stress. The Postdoctoral Association (PDA) formed the Departmental Representative Program to help mitigate these challenges by providing postdocs with a point person within their own department who can help orient new members to our community. Department Reps also help to communicate messages about ongoing PDA activities to their departments.

The reps are always happy to get a cup of coffee or meet up for lunch so feel free to contact them whenever you need a friend!

Want more information? Contact the PDA or email the rep program coordinator, Katie Ranard.


Responsibilities of Department Reps

Welcome new postdocs to the department

Answer questions and concerns from postdocs new and old

Share information about PDA events with their department